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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery dry water what effect?

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
Electric forklift belongs to the lead-acid battery, lithium-ion batteries by the tube plate and electrolyte preparation have been assembled, with chemical energy to electrical energy in a working process. Electric lift trucks in the lithium-ion batteries to power output in the foreign vehicle applications, due to its low cost, good stability and widely used, electric lift trucks in the lithium battery, also known as forklift battery, belongs to the traditional way, the battery electrolyte by sulfuric acid and distilled water in proportion to allocate, battery forklift in the process of using lithium battery temperature, charge and discharge frequently, can cause the ratio of electrolyte imbalance, even larger forming corrosion sulfuric acid concentration, therefore, to regularly give the added amount of distilled water, make up water consumption. Only supplement the right amount of distilled water, can keep the electrolyte normal charging and discharging function, keep the battery using life. If add is ordinary water, containing impurities can be in electrodeposition, under charge or not charge, so must use distilled water. Dry water, generally leads to plate burning, short circuit, electric lift trucks in the active material of lithium-ion batteries will fall off. Precipitation water loss because lithium-ion batteries charging battery anode anode exhalation hydrogen, oxygen, the part of the electricity consumption in the electrolysis of water. Especially when charging is very serious. Lithium battery water loss, will cause the battery plate irreversible sulfate, reduce battery capacity, serious cause dead batteries. Brand forklift lithium battery has the advantages of low fluid loss, less volatile features such as electrolyte, conform to the standard electric forklift truck design at home and abroad.
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