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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery charger and battery life

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is to hoard mains or industrial power, drive the vehicle loading for the purpose, in order to achieve its power supply is switching source charger, a good charger can increase the battery life, extend the using time, grasp the battery charging time usually at night, charging an average of about 8 hours. If it's shallow discharge ( Use the shorter) after charging , the battery will use quickly, avoid by all means do not charge occurred, will lead to battery fluid loss, fever and reduce battery life. Therefore, the battery discharge depth is 70% as the best charging time, need to charge according to the actual situation, to avoid damaging charging power, so in the process of actual operation, how to make the charger for electric forklift lithium battery charging specification? Small make up simple said: 1, and the panels will be charging power supply power supply. 2, the plug of the battery will be charged with forklift battery connector, charging machine according to the actual battery voltage. 3, set the power switch to the open position and start charging. 4, disconnect the power, unplug the power plug and end of charging. Kui state will remain idle for a long time to make battery damage is more serious. Idle when not battery charge once a month, can prolong the service life of batteries. Forklift battery over time, various factors can lead to battery life shortened, charger or use both need screen, electric lift trucks in the battery cannot be filled with what reason be? All electric forklift lithium battery charger work for a period of time, will automatically stop, no current and voltage, it belongs to the circuit problem, may be a solder joints virtual, such as poor contact or failure. In the normal temperature condition is normal, the temperature rise, starting to show. Is this phenomenon is sometimes will gradually appear, sometimes suddenly appeared. The battery can't charge or dissatisfaction with electricity, it might damage the battery, cannot careless, should be timely check repair let it return to normal. abstract
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