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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery charge discharge for the first time

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery charge and discharge stage for the first time should process should be processed before they go out, many dealers or assembly plants, of monomer battery simply charge, discharge less steps, we suggest three charge discharge, the monomer battery equalization, capacity of consistency, this is more important, the proportion of late will affect users lithium battery forklift, whether the voltage is consistent, we saw a lot of customer feedback, when the batteries used in six months or a few months, battery weight deviation is very large, many monomer at the time of charging, some saturated state, some are still in half of the battery, but the charger is based on constant voltage, when the voltage is enough, the current reach, charger jump table, when the fork cargo did not reach forklift truck is full of monomer battery soon wore out electricity, easy to cause excessive discharge. We should do some preparation before electric lift trucks in the lithium batteries work: 1, according to the series of battery pack, ensure correct polarity, reliable connection. 2, will make a good electrolyte battery, pumping liquid level height with liquid inside the plug at the bottom of the basket can see is advisable. Let stand for 4-3, depending on the temperature Within eight hours, wait for the battery electrolyte temperature drops below 35 ℃ can charge. ( Conditional when charging in the water tank is best) 4, the battery with the charger output positive and negative positive and negative corresponding reliable connection, not against. Forklift lithium battery and charging current selection, A charge for the first time in two stages: stage Ⅰ: in 10% of the capacity for the charging current. ( Example: D - 500 or 500 * 10% = 50 a) ; Voltage is set to ( 2. 5 x battery only) V, when the charge to the single voltage up to 2. 4 v into Ⅱ stage; ( This stage usually takes 20 - 30 hours) Stage II: 1/2 continue to Ⅰ stage of charging current charge ( The 500 x 10% present 2 = 25 a) Until the filling the electricity for the rated capacity of 4. 5 - 5 times. Note: (1) for the first time, unfavorable choose constant pressure type battery charging machine. (2) the charge for the first time be sure to reach out enough battery state. (3) in the process of charging, make sure the temperature within the 55 ℃, if more than should reduce current or stop recharging after cooling. Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery itself belongs to, on the basis of discharge so circulation capacity requirement is high, less any one step, subsequent trouble is constant, the single is not a simple replacement maintenance can be solved, follow up a lot of work, but also for the economic perspective, the electric lift trucks in the lithium battery price is not cheap, the value is very high, short of using time and life, it is better to buy diesel forklift, for lithium battery charging depth, the cycle life of interference is very big, basically showed a trend of changes in the index of growth. This is because the positive active material of the battery is pb02, it is the combination of strong degree is not high, will be transformed into pbs04 discharge, charging time and could be transformed into p, and p compared with p volume and big volume many oh. So, for positive plate, active substances will contract expansion repeated, let the connection between the other particle slowly fall off, let it lose the discharge ability of the active material, become the anode slime, results in the decrease of the characteristics of lithium battery forklift functions, until the end of life. Anyhow, want to want to use the longer, the service life of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery manufacturer must demand before they go out to be prepared for the above.
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