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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery and electric car batteries of the same place?

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
Lithium electric forklift and electric cars are in lead-acid battery as medium, is consistent in the categories, but electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is tubular plate structure, and in the majority with open, our country 90% electric forklift truck almost all openings on traditional battery replacement, this type of battery price is low, service life is long, the biggest drawback is in the process of manufacturing will pollute the environment, electric cars, we here is not a byd's lithium-ion batteries lithium iron phosphate batteries, but as well as the start-up battery manufacturing material, USES the plate type plate, using high density lead paste, high performance gel special-purpose clapboard and excellent gel electrolyte. Has a long service life, large capacity, good vibration resistance, uniformity, good low temperature discharge performance, charge acceptance and main characteristics such as charged to maintain ability is green power supply. Cell cycle & gt; 500 times, the battery storage performance: 5 - in temperature 40 ℃ below 80% relative humidity environment, storage for 3 months, capacity loss is less than 20%. If the storage time is too long, capacity and cyclic endurance ability are reduced accordingly. Sealed reaction efficiency ( Oxygen compound efficiency) :比; 95% ( Colloid oxygen cycle need to set up a process, not micro cracks formation, early oxygen compound is low, therefore, should be used in the determination of mid) The rest of the indicators: performance in the domestic leading level, QC/T724 - are met or exceeded 2006 standard for electric cars, lithium battery and GB/T 18330. 1 - 2001 standard for electric road vehicles with lead acid lithium batteries, the cycle life of more than 50% more than standard ( Japanese industrial standard and GB/T 18332. 1 - 2001 is the same) Reached the international advanced level, specific energy, weight basic lithium-ion batteries in order to avoid the electric car maintenance is given priority to, only some remote or small factory production of battery cars using water.
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