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Electric forklift battery which influences on the float charging voltage

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
Electric forklift battery initial current is larger, the current output in the form of section, in the late charge, take the form of floating. Once the float charging voltage is too low, so also is very strong, output current of electric forklift battery charge occurred easily, float charging pressure mainly affects the battery positive plate bar corrosion rate and cell gas emissions. When the battery of float charging pressure exceeds a certain value, the board gate corrosion phenomenon, further degrade battery, shorten service life. Increase of float charging more surplus gas flows, through the exhaust emissions, resulting in battery fluid loss. Equalizing charge when gas discharge of dozens of times more than the floating charge, so, such as equalization charging time is too long, raise the water loss of battery and board gate corrosion, so as to damage the battery.
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