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Electric forklift battery series using method

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Generally use a number of electric forklift battery voltage or combinations of several series, series are so demanding, connection is not strong, resulting in spark, but also at the time of cargo discharge fork, climb acid phenomenon, electric forklift battery series is divided into several aspects, such as welding, soft connection, and a single lithium batteries voltage and capacity is limited, in many cases to form a string to use lithium battery. But lithium-ion battery pack in the battery balance problem. How to improve the service life of lithium-ion battery pack, and improve the system stability and reduce the cost, is an important problem in front of us. Lithium battery life is decided by many factors, one of the most important is the physical properties of the lithium battery itself. In addition, low battery management technology and unreasonable charging and discharging system is the important cause of shorten battery life. For lithium-ion battery pack, to remove these reasons, inconsistency between monomer battery is also a important factor. For lithium battery charging and discharging process of monomer battery imbalance phenomenon, the author analyzed the present several charging methods, combined with the actual catch out of the condition are filling method, and test verification; Shenzhen company for electric forklift battery series combination with the method of diversification, can avoid exist various kinds of connection unstable state, lithium battery tank, cover, to ensure high quality polypropylene impact resistance performance of li-ion battery forklift; Lithium battery charged cases per group working time can reach 8 - 10 hours, charge and discharge to reach more than 1200 times, greatly satisfy the customer demands for work.
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