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Electric forklift battery life problem

by:Vglory      2020-08-19
Electric forklift battery depend on the range for enterprises to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, the discretion of the range to decide the dynamic properties of forklift, lithium and lead-acid battery consumption in our country, the electric forklift battery itself is the lead as the medium, the main production material, and there's a lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery stability is one of the best, in 600 degrees high temperature structure is still stable and will not release oxygen, and the above three kinds of the battery life expectancy ( After 10000 times of charge and discharge cycle, can keep more than 70% of the electricity capacity) 。 But the electric energy density is the worst, is 100 - 110 watts/kg. Currently in the United States gm and byd lithium iron phosphate batteries as was used for the electric car battery. But comprehensive security, the battery life and battery performance, lithium iron phosphate battery is currently the most suitable for the development of the electric car battery technology, the battery is only in the civilian vehicles, special vehicles for price not for consumers to accept, general electric forklift battery life is 800 - 1500 times life cycle, the national standard is 800 times, China's domestic brand of electric lift trucks in the discarded battery life basic 2 years or so, prolonging the service life of lithium-ion battery, the positive active material utilization ratio, specific energy, lithium battery product homogeneity, and reduce the size of the floating charge current, is becoming the 21st century intelligent direction of the development of the third generation of VRLA batteries, it from production materials, production technology, process and so on constantly updated, to overcome the disadvantages in the lithium battery in the use of past. Vehicles due to the short interval, frequent starting, forklift truck parking vehicles, lithium battery in the process of running a relatively large power consumption, and vehicle charging system for lithium battery charging current relative to other use of the vehicle. Large current charging for a long time can make the battery in the inland waters synthesis reaction, cell analysis gas water loss more, too much gas analysis will make active substances and sheeting the separation between the landing force, the formation of active material is shattered and forklift battery electrolyte cloudy, at the same time, too much analysis of the gas can make the battery internal gas pressure increase, such as poor exhaust condition, battery internal moisture and acid gas in high gas pressure under wrapped with a splash of lithium batteries; While due to other causes pressure is not released in time, there may be a burst of risk; Owing body short forklift, forklift truck turning radius and the corresponding small, about the device of the lithium battery, the electrolyte as a result of the action of centrifugal force will happen in the lithium battery internal heat, local electrolyte in the condition of charging operation may wash to vent plug, if vent plug design or not reasonable selection, may render the electrolyte spillover phenomenon; Poor because of the forklift truck vibration and the request of lithium-ion batteries exhaust device request strong strung on lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, because of the large vibration, possible formation damage to the battery: the lithium battery within wall welding parts or fracture bus-bar present internal spark across the electrodes, short circuit and may form lithium battery internal battery burst pressure attack; At the same time, also can form active material mechanical is shattered and electrolyte opacity. The one-piece motor drive system ( With electromagnetic brake) ; Vertical arrangement of the series motor, low thermal operation, reliable performance; Has the drive and steering function. Integrated hydraulic power unit, lifting motor, control valves, gear oil pump and fuel line accessories, stable, reliable, energy-saving and noise reduction. MOS tube electric components, with functions of stepless speed regulation and thermal protection. High quality, large capacity of domestic 240 ah lithium-ion batteries, extend the continuous working time, improve production efficiency. ( According to user requirements is equipped with imported lithium battery) Four bar linkage fork lifting system. The work is more reliable, manufacture is more simple and easy to obtain high accuracy. Vehicle Settings have wide non-slip handrails and fixed station type operation platform, for operators to provide more human safety protection. The vehicle using 3 d software system and components design. The vehicle using industrial modelling design the appearance of a new creative design. All the wheels are using imported polyurethane. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=682& lid=83
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