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Electric forklift battery discharge form

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Electric forklift battery is specially designed for electric drive moving forklift battery group, which take the form of discharge of the battery, general with 24 v, 48 v, 72 v, 80 v, 96 v voltage, low voltage, high capacity, according to different loading and unloading of goods, to locate the size of the motor, battery capacity, in the form of discharge. So when the output current, electric forklift battery will produce what kind of chemical reaction? But will lithium battery when connected with electric load on the road, and under the action of electromotive force, the current from the anode through load flow toward the cathode ( Electrons flow from lithium battery cathode by the external circuit to the anode) , reduce the anode potential, the cathode potential rise, destroyed the original balance. Discharge when the chemical reaction process, while charging across the electrodes of lithium battery into the correspondence of dc power supply is negative, when the supply voltage is higher than the electromotive force of lithium-ion batteries, in power under the action of forces, current flow from lithium battery anode and cathode flow ( Power drive electrons from lithium battery anode to cathode) / 。 When electric forklift battery load up the fork, current moment increases, when the motor circuit resistance increases, the current also increases with resistance, the current is too large, resulting in a decline in battery group of active substances, forklift circuit boards and affiliated life correspondingly decreased, the reaction process of the formula is as follows: positive plate Pb02 + 2 SO4 h20 + + 2 e - PbS04 + 40 h, at the negative plate, after losing electrons become pb2 Pb atoms', and SO in electrolyte; A combination also generate PbS ( ) 。 Sink attached on the negative plate and the plate on the metal continue to dissolve, generate PBZ 'and electronic; There are there will be negative, the world must balance of Yin and Yang, the response of the negative plate: Pb + SO4 2 e - PbS04, if you don't interrupt circuit, the chemical reaction will continue to make positive plate Pb02 and gradually transforms the Pb on the negative plate; Above all, is the electric forklift battery discharge in different forms. The news comes from: the Product. asp吗? 盖子= 178 & lb=178
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