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Electric fire is charging more trouble don't buy cheap charger

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Summer is the electric fire season, while most of the electric fire occurred in charge. The reporter understands from the fire department, electric fire tend to occur in the process of charging, mostly because of charging time is too long. Many electric car charger does not have time and power monitoring function, charging time more than the limit, the charger will be fever, trigger fires, and most people use electric car charger quality is not very good, heat-resistant ability is poor. It is understood that a qualified electric car chargers, should not only include transformer, voltage regulator, filter, overload protection, overcharge protection, leakage, short circuit protection function module, the shell material must be flame retardant. Reporters yesterday visited the market found that selling price cheap electric car chargers, as long as 350 yuan, production is very rough. At present, the domestic implementation of the 'electric bicycle general technical conditions', did not have detailed technical provisions on electric vehicle charging device, just roughly pointed out 'of electric bicycle electrical system should be installed, correct polarity, system of wire should meet certain requirements, electrical wiring should be adapted to electrical flow, to ensure the safety of the riding reliable'. It is because there is no regulation, manufacturers to compression cost, is can save a province in the production. Electric vehicle manufacturing professionals warns a citizen, to be on the safe side, not to charge at home, can be discharged battery charging alone, ensure that every time the charging time is not higher than 10 hours, ensure no combustible around during charging.
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