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Electric cars quick charge easily lead to cell damage

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Quick charger. On July 4, network news ( Reporter yun-chuan li photojournalism) As the electric bicycle become a popular choice of transport, street electric vehicle fast charging station also arises at the historic moment. July 3, Luo Xianghui electric car owners reflect to our newspaper, such as street quickly appliances ( Station) In the lack of power for driving electric cars a lifesaver, also caused great damage to electric car batteries. Quick charger battery easily damaged Mr Luo is in sichuan to migrant workers, he and many workers were to buy electric cars, often to the corner of fast charging stations. They found that a few times is filled in the fast charging station, electric vehicle battery charging amount decreased obviously, battery significantly impaired. 'as long as quick charge 3 times or more, the battery will be damaged. 'nansha road more than xiao xie electric car repair shop also, the mechanic said, use the quick charger for electric vehicle charging, indeed will cause certain damage to the battery, if used multiple times fast charger, damage to the battery is larger. Jin Yu road sits a fact in the two quick charger, shopkeepers, says ms Chen, the charger for each 1800 yuan, has been used for 2 years, every day, the owner to charge, and no one hurt by quick charge battery. Nansha address shop owner Wu Jingxiang said that a friend in front of their stores with a quick charger, the friend made it clear that using fast charger, every electric vehicle charging can't more than five gold COINS, or electric car battery will be damaged. Regulators have not decided on the issue, hainan province, said an official with the product quality inspection and the related they are not able to quick charger of electric vehicle, the damage to the battery, so can't make a conclusion. Provincial industrial and commercial bureau 12315 consumer complaint center also said that at present there are few consumer complaints of quick charger damage battery, few things they know to this aspect. 'using quick charger, can't on the spot and found that the battery is damaged, such as live a few days when the battery is not in electricity, owners are quick charger lead to battery and difficult to find evidence of damage, so owners often only from recognize unlucky. 'Luo Xianghui think so. Article said a quick charge damage batteries' net of information of electric vehicles' that quick charge after making electric cars shorten the battery life is not alone, though many consumers said fast charging station is promising charging can drive 5 to 10 kilometers, 10 minutes can in fact often can only travel in 5 to 10. 'electric cars quick charger in a convenient consumers at the same time, there are also damage the electric vehicle battery etc. Have professional personage explains, electric vehicles are used lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries are usually divided into two steps, start is normal charge, and then a trickle charge, so the battery can be sufficient. A trickle charging is ordering remain in a state of approximate fully charged battery for small current charging, used to make up for the battery after a full charge capacity loss caused by self-discharge. But the quick charge not trickle charging process, so you can't enough. And the life of the battery are strongly associated with charging times. Generally a battery can charge from 300 to 500 times, more often, will soon run out of battery life. Quick charger, moreover, have a plenty of high current charge, have a plenty of high voltage charging, quick charging can lead to increase battery plate buckling deformation, acid concentration, so as to cause damage to the battery. And fast charging problems 3 packets of agreement does not belong to the businessman, many consumers are eating the YaBaKui.
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