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Electric cars can run far not only related to the battery and the following reasons

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Some electric cars can promote run electric vehicles run far not far, with the following factors: 1, test electric vehicle front and rear tyre. 2, check whether there is any lock on the front and back brake. 3, check the brake power switch. 4, test battery charger. 5, test whether the battery balance. 6, check the production date and the type of machine. The following one by one to introduce this several conditions influence on electric vehicle range. Low electric tire pressure on the influence of line continuation mileage tire pressure is within the tire air pressure. General normal manufacturer production of the most suitable range of tire pressure are marked on the tyre. The tire pressure range of electric cars exactly what effect? A simple example, riding a bicycle in the flat on the road, suddenly feel the car pedal up extra effort, most often ride a bike will be immediately realized, the car piece. By the same token, the electric car in the case of lack of tire pressure is bound to bring greater friction resistance to electric motor. Driving in the same way, the low pressure serious will double a electric power consumption. The influence of low front brake for line continuation mileage. In electric vehicle brake before and after return bad or internal faulty brakes will affect the overall range of electric vehicles. Many novice car while driving sometimes forget the hand brake, that occurring serious wear and tear, serious can cause car spontaneous combustion. The wear and spontaneous combustion heat from? Nature is the car's engine when driven in tire and wheel friction pads. And that even if the vehicle is not a failure, fuel consumption will be significantly increased. By the same token, if the electric brake failure, certainly will also increases the motor work, continued large current of battery discharge. As a result, the range is inevitable. Low power braking effects on line continuation mileage. Power electric vehicle brake system that is where the original design purpose, namely the brake at the same time, the vehicle controller to stop to the motor power supply, this is to protect the battery and nondestructive motor. And the above theory, on the electric vehicle, the display is large current discharge, also will affect the overall range battery. Low battery charger for line continuation mileage is mainly analyzes the influence of the influence of low voltage charger for battery, battery, nature can affect the range of electric vehicles. Low battery imbalance impact on line continuation mileage. To the problem of the battery electric vehicle range caused by, backward accounted for most of the single battery. Single cell behind will affect the whole battery voltage, so even if there is a failure in four batteries or behind will affect the whole group batteries. After the first case is good judgment, and load, broken, there is no voltage of the battery. The second case, if there are only two single cell within the short circuit, then add the load voltage detection after generally in more than 10 v, so there is no problem, but in fact, through professional discharge equipment after a charge and discharge is very clear, the single short circuit the battery voltage is higher, but generally no more than 30 minutes 5 a discharge time, that is to say that have failed. Low motor length of use and type of line continuation mileage. If is often overloaded or speeding electric cars, its electricity opportunities as the growth of the use of time appear degaussing or aging, which affect the energy conversion of the motor. Increases power consumption, but decline in torque and rotational speed. Check the motor type is mainly to determine whether the motor brush motor. Have motor in use after a period of time the need to maintain. If you don't maintain, use after a period of time, carbon brush wear, commutator segment wear or motor internal powdered carbon accumulation can cause increased dramatically, the power consumption of which affects motor torque and range. To sum up, there are many factors that can affect electric car line continuation mileage, if the battery sales businesses without some sort of electric vehicle maintenance experience, don't have enough battery testing equipment, so can be normal use of electric vehicle batteries could also be determined as the damage to the battery, some are damaged battery it was identified as there is no problem, so to remind the general electric car users, and detect the choose and buy electric car battery to choose regular merchants, avoid waste money. Lithium-ion batteries, electric lithium battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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