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Electric car conversion can be done for you by

by:Vglory      2020-06-11
Order Your Conversion Kit You can purchase electric car conversion kits that will include all components needed along with detailed instructions on how the conversion is done. In placing an order, it is crucial to provide exact and accurate details such as the make, model and year of your donor car. The best donor car (or the car to be converted) is one that operates on rear wheel drive and has manual transmission. The components ideally used in conversions are controller, motor, adapter plate, batteries, shaft coupler and throttle box. Prepare For The Conversion Preparation generally means organizing everything involved in the process. First, is the area or place where you will be performing all alteration tasks. Second, you must gather all tools that will be used in the process. Tools will include hand cleaners and rags. You will also need to rent and engine puller so you can easily need to get the engine from the casing. All the fluids must be drained completely and stored in appropriate containers. You can recycle coolants and oils. With your rented puller, you can now pull the engine from the car. Exhaust system of your car can be recycled, sold or discarded however you want. The engine compartment, along with the undercarriage should then be cleaned, ideal through pressure washing. Afterward, the previously drained fuel tank must be removed carefully. Determine Where To Place The Batteries The next step in line is determining where the batteries and their rack will be positioned. Batteries are essential components of an electric car as they will power up the car in order to run. They must be placed in an area of easy access and will not cause any disturbance. If you are willing to cut some metal and weld them together, you can mount the battery rack exactly on the area where the gas tank used to be. Create a cover to put on it. The charging adapter can be placed underneath the fuel fill flap so it will be protected from the elements and stay out of the way. Set Up The New Components Your kit will most likely contain pictures along with instructions on each step of the conversion; particularly on the new parts needed for your electric car. Through these provided instructions and graphics, you will know exactly how a step is done. For example, you will be shown how to install the mounting brackets for your motor. These brackets, along with your transmission adapter can help ensure your motor is secure. The controller should be set up on a convenient spot. Do not forget that the controller must be connected to the accelerator pedal via a cable. The coupler or adapter for motor transmission must also be mounted. Other new components to be installed are route wiring and vacuum pump. Transmission and motor will also be ultimately set up.
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