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Electric car brand and electric vehicle battery brand positioning

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Electric vehicle battery brand at home and abroad a dime a dozen, each have different battery brand performance, how to choose suitable for electric vehicles and high ratio of performance of battery? Domestic battery with:, torch, newsletter and, with the wind, the principle, headed by day, imported electric vehicle battery brand to: GSYUASA, hebeike, hawks, led by FAAM, domestic battery cycle life times is around 900 times, to import batteries in 1500 times or so, we all know that electric vehicles can reduce operating costs, and than internal combustion electric cars tend to be more environmentally friendly, obvious advantages. Popular in foreign countries, in China also gradually accepted by more and more users. After years of development, China is the emergence of a batch of electric storage car as the main enterprise, such as: the force, and resultant force, force, eternal force, eed, zhuo a moved, storage capacity, meaning, hui, dalong, etc. , have good reputation in the field of electric vehicles. On the market, there are other minor enterprise brand of electric vehicles. In the face of good and evil people mixed up electric car brands and models, combined with the product itself technology is strong and very professional, so the choice of models is that many enterprises often face problems of choose and buy. Choosing electric cars should consider the following elements: brand choice: preliminary establishment of several brands as considering the scope of the first, then comprehensive evaluation. Brand of product quality and credibility; 2. How the brand after-sales support capability, in the enterprise is located in or near the presence of service outlets; Enterprise has with the brand of product quality and services; 4. Choose the brand needs to be consistent with corporate positioning. After the primaries, after the completion of the brands' comprehensive evaluation including brand, product quality, price, service ability and so on. Many enterprises in choosing a brand, there was a misunderstanding: if electric cars are imported brand, quality is same, the price also should be close to. This is actually a common-sense error, like cars, imported a lot of car brands, the price gap between different brand is also very big, and the performance of course there are differences. In addition, the electric car is a kind of industrial equipment, to the greatest extent to ensure the normal operation is one of the enterprise goals, shutdown means loss. So choose a after-sales service guaranteed brand is very important. China's electric car market is very big, therefore attracted a lot of foreign brands of electric vehicles supplier, but the vast territory of China, to establish a national professional service network, without a certain amount of time is difficult to achieve. So fixed number of year of the production of electric vehicle production enterprises is the important factors to consider, general like linde these big brands supporting electric vehicles is given priority to with foreign cells, such as: hook, hebeike, GS these electric vehicle battery brand, domestic hangzhou fork, together with, torch, newsletter and give priority to, complementary matchs outside.
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