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Electric car battery electric vehicle battery charging time common sense how long will it take?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
1, buy a car, Or replace the battery) After the battery should be about 80% of electricity, should be charged as soon as I get home, time is a charger light changes after 4 hours advisable, this to three times. 2, after every day, Ridden a 10 km 36 v, 48 v ridden a 15 km) To adhere to the charge, but the charging time not too long, with an hour after the charger light changes advisable. Charging owe some, rather than not to overcharge, otherwise the battery will be charged because of lack of water, bulge, swollen up. Cause damage to the battery cannot remedy. 3, don't let the water into the battery box, to cause the internal battery umc. 4, regularly once a month completely discharge ( Ride to the light glows under voltage) And then charging 12 hours continuously. 5, conditional on the monomer in the whole group batteries for, across the warranty battery ( Especially in summer) , each of the three, four months to each monomer added 3 - battery 4 ml of deionized water ( Wahaha purified water can also be used) 。 6, if they do not have the charger turns green or a charge turned green, be sure to check whether there is something wrong with the charger, or water loss. 7, the battery discharge port and charge for the whole mouth to keep clean, prevent contact point from the rust, caused by poor contact overheating and damage. 8, a foot as far as possible starting with the feet, don't be too big load, speed up smoothly. Don't get in to the electric starter. Is good and after regular charging battery recharging? Due to the discharge the deeper the more shallow, the cycle number will increase significantly. According to this theory, therefore, often charging can be beneficial to the cycle of life, but I'm currently on the market a large number of circulation use of the charger, due to the effect of price factors and technical level, the charger is high failure rate, poor reliability, low accuracy of defects. Therefore, sometimes the attendance instead affects the service life of the battery charging. Empty battery recharging, guangxi ielts, charging times while reducing, but when discharge because there will always be differences between monomer battery may cause some single discharge, discharge the battery to accept ability will be greatly reduced, cause the failure of under charge, also it finished by electricity recharging, charging him load time is long, easy to damage the charger. Therefore, comprehensive above, we believe that the 50 - storage battery discharge of electricity 70% when a charge is more reasonable, is good for battery. Over charging and charge what harm? Of charging the battery charging current is greater than the current for the battery, the part is more charge, charging mainly produce electrolytic water side effects, because the battery positive electrode produce oxygen to the cathode oxygen compound reaction, heat will happen, so charging amount actually converted into heat make a battery temperature, if not controlled, can cause a lot of water loss, serious cause collapse 'thermal runaway' capacity, and even fault deformation, etc. Owe charging popular speak is not often in charge are in the under charge, under the condition of extreme will gradually form a bulky solid lead sulfate, it almost insoluble, which produce the so-called 'irreversible sulfate, use common method can't charge it into electricity, so the capacity will again fast attenuation. Electric vehicles use and maintenance method battery charger 1, determine whether the power supply and charger input ac voltage. 2, to determine whether the charger output voltage and battery voltage rating. 3, insert the plug of the charger connected to the battery compartment, first connect the ac power plug after 4, chargers used in indoor, should notice moistureproof, shock. It is forbidden to cover when charging, should be in the ventilation and heat dissipation. Battery can't charge any time, lead acid battery is not lithium battery, can at any time after charging, the life of the lead-acid battery calculated on blunt discharge frequency, the battery is the most afraid of losing electricity, often maintain sufficient power can extend battery life. 2, when charging, the light on the charger is first after the red light green light, the light turns green, should guarantee the floating 2 hours after it is good to inhibit cell vulcanization. Prevent battery charging 1, battery overcharge gas scouring pad, accelerate the plate on the active material loss, shortening battery life. 2, the battery overcharge accelerated water loss, which leads to the electrolyte, battery temperature, dry, causing thermal runaway inflation of plate, the shell deformation. To prevent the battery over discharge in the use of storage battery exquisite skills, also can prolong the service life of the battery. Long-term deep discharge will cause the battery plate softening, shorten service life. 1, to prevent the large current discharge, when started, uphill and luff, try to help with their feet. 2, prevent the discharge for a long time, don't play with the electric drive. In the power to charge lower 1/2. To prevent battery kui electric put on hold for a long time without battery, should be sufficient electricity once a month, general with the charger after the red light turns green light to continue floating for 5 hours. Often care although battery electric vehicle battery is maintenance free, but the battery use half a year later, with the continuous consumption of water, cause the plate, softening, will cause the loss of battery capacity or even failure. Select supplementary distilled water ( Don't) , can prolong the service life of the battery to two years.
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