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Electric car battery and lithium electricity energy

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery belongs to a category of lead-acid battery, battery material is, the cheapest metal, generally in the electric motor car of domestic in this lead acid as medium, traction electric vehicles as the driving force, the traditional electric vehicle battery and nickel cadmium battery is lower than the energy, and containing heavy metals ( Lead, cadmium) , lead-acid battery is not suitable for the depth of the charge and discharge, nickel cadmium battery has obvious memory effect, therefore, traditional battery is difficult to meet the requirements of the rapid development of all kinds of electrical appliances; Electric vehicle battery is the product of relatively early, now temporarily couldn't find more cheap than its as an alternative, metallic lithium has the most negative electrode potential, and have a very small atomic weight, therefore, using lithium as negative will be the highest voltage of battery and high specific energy, in addition, it also has the characteristics of low self-discharge rate, self-discharge rate less than 2%. Because of this, as the demand of the electric car battery, lithium battery research widely attention, beginning in the 1970 s, began commercial production of a lithium battery, li-ion battery has only used in mobile phones, mobile power supply is more, in terms of deep cycle power, popularization, material cost is higher, compared with the electric vehicle lead-acid battery, cannot be replaced.
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