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Electric boat/ship battery and battery group development prospects

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
By ship ( The yacht) Similarities and differences of the car and analysis, compared with the merits of the diesel engine and motor, you can see the working principle of battery electric ships. Electric ships and electric cars are sisters, and electric cars are in the leading position. Because the identity of the two, the technology has many differences. Due to the differences of the two, and shows that the comparative advantage of the ship, for example due to different operation principle for the low required conditions, to allow a larger capacity and has a larger loading space and activity space, low speed, no scarp, steep slope and so on, thus the electric ship should be before the car and popularity. Due to the working principle of diesel engine and motor, such as diesel engine power is intermittent, there is a noise and vibration of the motor power is continuous, so in terms of environmental protection and energy saving, motor has the advantage, therefore the electric propulsion ship is better than that of diesel propulsion ship. First is the motor without smoke oil and water, and low noise. There is little gasoline engine ship in our country at present. On land, energy use efficiency low dry diesel car petrol cars, while the former has a bad smell, but no dust; The latter conversely, high efficiency, it inevitably exists dust, diesel car and ship is no exception. The second is that the high utilization efficiency of electric energy. It is well known that diesel engine power energy utilization efficiency, namely for propulsion ship power of the energy utilization efficiency is about 30%. Take about 30%, this is because the cooling water smoke away about 30%. In the modern energy technologies, promote the unity of the heating and power supply, because it can make use of cooling water and energy, along with flue gas energy use efficiency can reach above 70. However on the ship, especially the small vessels, heat cannot be used, at least's recovery, therefore, the power of diesel engine is the total energy efficiency, energy use efficiency is only 30%. In battery electric vehicle as an example to compare, its essence is the battery and motor ship electric propulsion, the energy use efficiency higher than 46%, more than 50% higher than that of diesel engine, for battery efficiency is 55% 75%, and the efficiency of the motor is higher than 85%. The ship ( The yacht) Electric propulsion technology is mature, has already been applied in special ships such as self-propelled floating crane, engineering ship, dredger and conventional submarines. Electric propulsion is divided into diesel electric propulsion and full battery electric propulsion. The former because of diesel engine, so is still inefficient and pollution, which is on the contrary, mature in the military, not yet common to civilian use. Conventional submarine is the ship diesel engine and battery phase conjugation, the use of battery for electric propulsion underwater, the water use diesel propulsion. Currently, due to the electric vehicle technology development quickly, promote the development of the battery and charging and discharging technology, very conducive to the popularity of ship electric propulsion technology. To sum up, from the car and ship, according to the principle of diesel engine and motor, based on the strategic height of environmental protection and energy saving, will ship with the requirements of the modern tourism, especially aquatic tourism, combining can make use of the application of electric propulsion technology innovation, and launched environmental friendly, is advantageous to the construction of economical society, human nature of tourism new programs and new products of the ship. It is not only to tourism realm of ascension, and the upgrading of traditional products, also is the supporting measures of environmental protection, and the human and the nature harmonious energy-saving economic strategy. There is no doubt that the popularity of battery electric ships, beyond tourism, to enter the passenger and cargo, will be for the development of the economy, environmental protection, as well as the construction of harmonious society is of great significance. From the above technical specifications for the battery working principle of electric ship, to fully understand its meaning, also have to look at problems from the market level. Mention electric cruise/yacht, people immediately think of park pool toy boat. Obviously this is not what we want to spread that a kind of both. When we put them to the range of 100 km, what? Due to reasons like the electric car - — Low energy storage battery, the current electric cruise ships can be to work on a base of the scope of the particular area of the waters of the little sailing boat. From this layer of sense, compared with the traditional diesel engine of the ship size, the current civil electric ships are boats. Of course, in the future can be large-scale ship can be realized.
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