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Early traction lithium battery forklift repair strategy

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
Lithium battery as a forklift truck traction, its service life and maintenance, in the late time for daily work, poor strength of the goods or station, need for forklift battery to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to determine whether the causes of the battery pack, shenzhen under shallow of simple maintenance steps: 1, the electrolyte level of check the electrolyte level glass tube inspection are available, and liquid level should be higher than the top plate ( Or protective film) 10 ~ 15 mm, if the surface normal is reduced, distilled water, will be listed unless really is due to pour out of the electrolyte, filling the electrolyte. 2, lithium-ion battery discharge level of inspection methods are as follows: (1) by measuring density estimate electrolytic liquid discharge, electrolytic liquid to measure density available inhaled densimeter, the actual measurement of numerical density value of the converted to 15 °, and the lithium battery sufficient electricity density value comparison, according to now on density 0 drop in. 01, 6% relative to the lithium battery discharge, can estimate the degree of discharge. (2) the discharge voltage is measured with a high rate discharge meter. Lithium battery is measured with a high rate discharge meter, in fact, is to make the lithium battery in the case of large current discharge, measuring its terminal voltage. It consists of a resistance small resistance ( Can make the lithium battery large current discharge) And a voltmeter. Divided into the single battery meter high rate discharge and the 12 v battery meter high rate discharge two whole, were used to measure the traditional chain exposed type and overall cover type lithium battery. (3) with the single electric meter high rate discharge measurement. Measurement, two forks, pointed it press on the poles of the single cell battery discharge, observe the voltmeter reading. Due to different brand discharge of thousands of different load resistance, discharge current and voltage meter reading is different also, according to the instructions on the reverse of the controlled discharge meter voltmeter readings, judgment of lithium-ion batteries discharge levels. Reprint will investigate
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