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Correct lithium battery storage environment

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Source: 2020 - 04 - 02 10 hits: time how to lithium battery is stored in the correct storage environment because of its large capacity lithium battery, no recall effect etc, was started to use more and more fields. Will consider several factors, the use of lithium battery, usually the most important is the maintenance of the battery itself and security issues. Presumably, improper storage and maintenance may lead to cell damage, avoid fire, explosion, etc. So how do you in what environment under the condition of storing lithium battery? 1. Lithium battery, also known as lithium batteries. Continuous discharge, but also can be intermittent discharge. The batteries are widely used in low power electronic products, once the power run out, they can no longer be used. Low self-discharge, lithium-ion batteries can be stored for up to three years. Low temperature storage, lithium battery is a good idea. Note: the lithium battery and lithium ion battery is different, the lithium battery can't charge, charge is very dangerous! 2. Lithium ion batteries is also called secondary lithium batteries. It can be stored for more than six months in 20 ℃, it is because of its low self-discharge rate, most of the capacity can be restored. Lithium battery self-discharge phenomenon, assuming the battery voltage to keep for a long time in 3. Under 6 v, will cause the battery to discharge a damage to the battery internal structure, reduce the battery life. Therefore, the long-term storage of lithium battery should be performed every 3 ~ 6 months on a single charge, namely in 3. 8 ~ 3. 9 v voltage ( The best stored voltage is about 3 lithium batteries. 85v) 50 -, adhere to the discharge depth It is advisable to 60%, should not be full. Batteries should be kept at 4 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ drab environment. Away from heat and direct sunlight. Lithium battery just bought inside of small power, this is due to the lithium battery storage function is to measure the battery induction effect the safety level of an important parameter, save the production of lithium battery manufacturers in the production of lithium batteries after moment must store the plant sale, it is to make the lithium battery electrochemistry settled between functional components, in order to guarantee the quality of the battery. So we must to charge it before use.
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