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Conductance value reference in lead acid lithium battery detection technology

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Forklift lithium batteries, battery energy storage, industrial, initiating belong to categories of lead-acid battery, for the use of different areas, we can understand by conductance value test, the performance of the battery, which can avoid battery highlights the failure problems, the conductance of the conductance measurement technology is by measuring the battery, to understand the effective substance on the surface of the battery plate, how to determine whether the battery can also provide electricity. Experiments prove that: the conductance of the lithium battery and its capacity has a high correlation ( The correlation coefficient of 0. 8 - 0. 98). ; Lithium battery dry, board gate corrosion, such as poor contact can cause the conductance of the lithium battery, lithium battery capacity decline; Therefore, can be estimated by measuring the conductivity of the lithium battery lithium battery capacity and the size of the discriminant health status of the battery. Conductivity value is the reciprocal of lithium battery internal resistance; Understanding from the essence, conductance is described conductor conductive ability of physical quantities, reflects the conduction current conductor ability, in the lithium battery conductance theory show the battery plate conduction current capacity, the conductance of the battery size shows the battery unit can carry out chemical reaction plate area of physical evidence. Lithium battery internal condition are the main factors affecting its health, such as electrolyte dry, plate grid corrosion, connect a poor contact, battery capacity lack, etc. , these will cause the battery internal resistance increases, conductivity decreases, and so by measuring the conductivity value can well reflect the size of the lithium battery capacity or judging by the quality of the battery. Lithium-ion battery pack in dc system as an important back-up power substation equipment, when standing with ac power loss of pressure, for relay protection and safety automatic device, the circuit breaker closing loop only dc power supply, communications equipment such as power supply; Therefore management safeguard important back-up power lithium-ion battery pack is very important. Lithium valve-control sealed lead-acid battery ( Valve control lithium battery) Due to its advantages of sealing, maintenance free, widely used in the substation. However, due to the lithium battery usage, maintenance and management, production process and other reasons, lithium batteries backward situation happens quite often. Valve control of lithium battery with floating way run for a long time, and part of the maintenance staff to the valve control of lithium battery of the so-called 'free maintenance' insufficient understanding, behind the problem is not easy to be found. However, individual lithium batteries backward, leading to the lithium battery will be for the whole on the basis of aging of battery capacity by floating - many times Discharge - All charge - Discharge - A vicious cycle of floating, declining capacity, battery backup time. Once stood with ac loss of electricity, lithium battery for power supply, dc load properly power supply system will face paralysis, equipment shutdown and other major accidents. Therefore, the dc system behind the battery timely detection and on-line monitoring is very important and necessary, using conductance meter to measure the conductance of the lithium battery analysis, effective found behind the battery. As lithium battery running time, coupled with lithium battery or screen indoor enclosure poor ventilation, indoor temperature can't keep in 25 degrees, deteriorating the performance of lithium-ion batteries. But due to the sealing of lithium-ion batteries, observe its shell in the process of maintenance is not enough to judge it good or bad, regular check all use contrast lithium battery voltage, total voltage and monomer and change in small, manual measurement error is bigger, so it is difficult to accurately find behind the battery; Current valve control type lead acid lithium battery and deep cycle power lithium battery forklift testing concepts, such as the energy storage of the emergency power battery, can be long-term floating, micro electric current profits to cell pressure, when reaches a certain value, the battery is not, although lithium battery forklift manufacturing materials and valve control type battery, greatly different, but the structure principle to discharge as the main basis, takes a lot of output current, additional power is also strong. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=719& lid=83
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