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Complete forklift forklift lithium-ion batteries in the play what role?

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Lithium battery for the electric forklift forklift power system plays a very important role, but also in constant progress, now, dc motor and ac motor system in the lithium battery power supply system, by the open type water lithium lead acid battery, the battery for daily use hydrogen separation, need to separate the battery chamber, if failing to it management, maintenance, the maintenance of normal, will shorten its life, thus affecting the normal operation of electric forklift, lead acid lithium battery is widely used in the world of a kind of chemical 'power', has a stable voltage, safe and reliable, low cost, wide applicable scope, high utilization rate of raw materials and recycling, etc. Is the production of all kinds of battery in the world's largest and the most widely used a battery, and it consumed by lead, accounting for 82% of the global total of lead consumption
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