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Commonly used lithium batteries on the market and the kinds of advantages and disadvantages

by:Vglory      2020-08-18
Now on the market of lithium battery, portable power products lithium-ion battery consists of acid lithium cobalt acid lithium, nickel, manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, nickel cobalt manganese ternary material, the authors compiled the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of these a few materials, to provide the reference for the people in need. Cobalt acid lithium is the anode material of layered rock salt structure, while there are scarce resources and poor stability of thermal fault, but because of their electrochemical performance stability, high reliability, production technology is still is mainly used in small lithium-ion secondary battery cathode material. Synthetic methods mainly include solid instead of cobalt acid lithium should method, sol-gel method, hydrothermal method, precipitation, etc. Using different methods for synthesis of cobalt acid lithium materials on the physical properties and electrochemical properties exist significant difference. The main commercialized cobalt acid lithium materials should play by high temperature solid instead synthesis. Acid lithium nickel and cobalt acid lithium in the structure are similar, have high theoretical capacity, price cheap, store address and more on the environment pollution-free, but its internal structure lead to preparation conditions are very harsh, circulation capacity attenuation rapidly and its practical application process has been slow. Replacing part of the nickel using a small amount of other metal ions to stabilize its structure is the direction of the people to improve the material performance in recent years, one of the main doped cobalt, aluminum and magnesium elements. Lithium nickel acid synthesis methods of mainly high temperature solid instead should method. Manganese acid lithium is spinel structure of the anode material, the price is cheap, no pollution, but its capacity attenuation at high temperatures is serious, and in the process of charging and discharging lithium manganese acid structure is not stable, Jahn - due to occur There are certain restrictions in Teller effect result in application scope. The traditional synthesis method of manganese acid lithium mainly include solid phase reaction and liquid phase reaction method two kinds big. Is someone using the microwave heating method, pulsed laser deposition method, plasma chemical gas phase precipitation and radio frequency magnetic spin injection method of preparation of manganese acid lithium. Lithium iron phosphate is olivine form the anode material, belongs to the orthogonal crystal system, have high theoretical capacity, good thermal stability, charge and discharge cycle performance at room temperature is also very superior, therefore in a particular area has a good application prospect. But due to the current low energy density, ion conductive materials and electronic conductivity caused by low rate, poor performance of low zi performance, poor and synthesis of complex, so the material is used for power type lithium ion battery, you need to do a lot of work. The synthesis methods of lithium iron phosphate are mainly in high temperature solid method, microwave sintering, and sol gel method, etc. Nickel cobalt manganese ternary material has good charge and discharge cycle stability and good safety performance, thus become another kind of substitute for cobalt acid lithium anode materials. With x = 1/3 of product comprehensive electrochemical performance is best, is also been most studied at present, the fastest progress in the material. The nickel cobalt manganese ternary materials mainly by first in the liquid phase of Ni, Co, Mn ion level of blend, reoccupy precipitation before the preparation of high temperature reaction of reactants, furthermore, can also be carbonate sedimentation method for synthesis of the material. More lithium battery related references & lt; Prolonging the service life of the lithium battery, portable power station method & gt;
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