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Colloidal battery compared with lead-acid battery performance

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
Colloidal battery is based on the development of a lead-acid battery types, they are used in structure design and manufacture materials have many similarities, but also has a lot of different, the following will introduce what is the difference between gel battery and lead acid battery performance? 1, the structure of the positive plate gel battery: tablet paste type or tubular. Tablet paste type positive plate production process is simple, the cost is low; Tubular positive plate production process is complex, high cost, but the large current discharge ability, suitable for lead-acid batteries used in special areas: plate paste type 2, negative plate use tablet grease type. 3, the structure of the baffle plate lead-acid storage battery using superfine glass fiber ( AGM) Clapboard colloidal battery USES high strength micro porous clapboard, fine structure of the resin (3, electrolyte lead-acid battery electrolyte using sulfuric acid solution Liquid) Adsorption in porous glass partition, electrolyte, and must be in unsaturated state. Electrolyte amount is less than the number of rich liquid type reservoir; Layer phenomenon, electrolyte stratified exacerbate the lower polar plate corrosion, reduce the service life of the battery; Gel electrolyte battery using solid-state colloid, fixed by a variety of additives in the form of solid electrolyte, can be filled with all the space inside the battery. Gel with continuous three-dimensional network structure; Due to the gel with active material completely, reduced the plate surface active substance in charge and discharge under the impact of loss, thus effectively reduce the battery internal short circuit. Electrolyte and rich liquid type battery is the same, the electrolyte plenty of advantages: 1) Effectively restrain active substances of the sulfuric acid salinization 2) Prolong the service life of the battery service ( Real life is as high as more than 15 years) 3) A longer cycle charge-discharge capacity ( Up to more than 1600 times) Without stratification phenomenon, solid sulfate evenly distributed, no concentration problems: 1) Active substances by using more uniform 2) Battery performance is more stable, Not because of the acid layer affect battery performance) 3) Excellent deep discharge performance ( Over discharge protection performance) 4) Batteries can be vertical or horizontal any place, 4 floating, floating performance lead-acid battery charging pressure is relatively high, float charging current is larger, the rapid of oxygen recombination reaction heat, glass fiber baffle heat dissipation ability is poor, the malfunction is always occurring about the thermal runaway. Colloidal battery because of the low electrolyte specific gravity, float charging voltage is relatively low, small float charging flow ( A third agm battery) , less heat generated in the process of floating, reduce the risk of thermal runaway, the floating use longer battery life. 5, cycle lead-acid battery performance due to large glass fiber clapboard micro aperture, deep discharge when the electrolyte density lowered, lead sulfate increase solubility, sedimentary live in microporous material can form dendrite short circuit, causing the death of battery life. Colloid storage battery of lead sulfate is difficult to migrate in the solid electrolyte, not form the dendrite short circuit, long battery life. In the service life of the battery, constant capacity, in the first few years, the capacity increased. The long cycle life. 6, monomer battery consistency, lead-acid battery is good, is a bit poor initial battery using the gel consistency, the consistency of group using two years later, the battery to achieve the best state. 7, the low temperature performance of lead-acid batteries battery low temperature performance is poor, less than 0 ℃, the discharge capacity of giant drop; Gel battery is relatively good, in - Use 40 ℃, still can discharge. 8, discharge voltage lead-acid battery discharge limit piezoelectric 8. 5 - 10. 5 v, and gel battery in extreme cases can reach 0 v. 9, battery capacity recovery ability, lead-acid battery, gel battery is better; Energy conversion gel battery is 90 - of lead-acid battery energy conversion efficiency 95%. Ten, deep discharge cycle performance, lead-acid battery, gel battery is more long.
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