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Climb acid phenomena of the electric motor car battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric motor car battery monomer is rely on inside sulfuric acid and lead plate gate forming, surface with screws or lead welding series are used together, we are here to climb acid on the surface of visible phenomena, such as pile head black oxide, screws and threaded hole appeared, these are all use '' to the naked eye visible, generally occur in the use of electric motor car battery climb acid medium and late. Can appear in the late battery electrolyte seepage slowly from a column. Column that is likely to be very material corrosion resistant ability is poor, in reaction with sulfuric acid produced PbSO4, cause its volume expansion, the structure is loose, lead to the spread of sulfuric acid. Grow thin, this will not only make a column and its internal resistance will also increase gradually, at the time of discharge to withstand high current discharge. Electric motor car battery due to leak, so that the internal gas quantity can't meet the design value, the hydrogen separation, which leads to the electrolyte of moisture volatilizes, draining of inside the battery, the battery internal resistance increases, resulting in battery scrap, used mainly in medium and later period, show the battery terminal voltage drop, the capacity is insufficient. Electric vehicle battery sealing is not good, float charging voltage is too high; On the other hand may also early and manufacturers use to prevent battery leakage acid amount of acid and the excessive control to join.
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