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Cigarette smoking fetches myriad of health hazards

by:Vglory      2020-06-27
Though they deliver the nicotine fill, but still they are safe as they do not contain any harmful substances that are associated with the smoke of tobacco cigarettes. These magic sticks are invented mainly as the smoking cessation equipment and they are the latest in the smoking cessation products. The basic idea of these devices is to reduce strength of nicotine concentration from high level to low level gradually leading to quit smoking. The basic technology used in this electronic device is the technology used in a nebulizer. The e cigs contain rechargeable batteries, a cartridge containing e-liquid and an atomizer. The cartridge is the mouth piece of the e-cig. When the smoker inhales the electronic cigarette, the atomizer gets heated up powered by the rechargeable batteries. The heated atomizer produces the vapor of e-liquid containing nicotine. The LED light fixed on the tip of the e-cig mimics the real tobacco cigarette and it also works as an indicator to ensure that the device is working properly. The device comes with lithium batteries that are rechargeable to use at any place and at any time. The significant feature of e-cigs is they do not produce smoke at any stage of smoking rather they produce mist containing nicotine from the spongy substance. You can also opt for different flavors that suit your taste. Apart from these benefits, they save money up to 50% to 80% since the cartridges last longer than tobacco cigarettes. You can buy this e-cigarette easily online. Before purchasing the e-cig go through the different reviews on different websites. You can also check the reviews of customers on social media networks. There are plenty of retailers available online who supply an array of electronic cigarettes of different varieties like cigars, pipes, etc. Moreover, the American Association of Public Health Physicians has approved these products and state that if more smokers shift from the tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, it could produce a drastic change on health concerns due to secondhand smoking or passive smoking. These smokeless cigarettes score over tobacco cigarettes on many aspects and they can be used anywhere without any legal restrictions or judicial interference. Now a smoker can be least bothered of a better alternative other than this wonderful device as it is quite effective and works.
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