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China power energy storage battery party swept by, looking forward to you coming

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
4th China power energy storage battery technology and materials conference in 2015 as the new energy vehicles occurrence blowout growth, vehicle power battery demand continues to rise, with the vigorous development of the power battery industry. According to the new energy car quickly broke and observation, by 2020 China's chemical energy storage capacity will reach 67 gigawatts (gw), increased one thousand times. All kinds of energy storage battery technology flowers, in the large power energy storage, household energy storage and back-up power energy storage areas such as development rapidly. To adapt to the new normal, to high technology, high quality and high benefit in order to better help the power energy storage enterprises respond to market changes under the new normal, by the alliance of Chinese battery energy storage battery, China battery industry association branch, miit sadie research institute, tsinghua university hosted the fourth China power energy storage battery assembly technology and materials to adapt to the new normal, 'to develop high technology, high quality, high benefit 'in December 2015, the theme of the 2829 - day was held in Beijing. This annual meeting has three bright spots. Firstly, compared with previous throughout the meeting of the content more rich, more nutrition. Secondly, after the BBS, will visit Beijing charging pile demonstration projects, and thus to understand better; Is a highlight of the axis finally, in December 30 for the automakers are expected to visit and investigation, let everybody experience and field at the same time, and in a timely manner at the scene to share and communicate. On power energy storage battery materials, meanwhile, the present situation, the energy storage battery technology route, standard inspection situation, power energy storage battery business model, power battery recycling, etc were discussed. Then invite relevant national government management departments, standard setting bodies, national grid, new energy car companies, research institutions and industry manufacturers, users, industry organization and related media to the scene. According to the reporter understands from the organizing committee, China power energy storage has successfully held three annual conference, here, brings together the industry outstanding experts, corporate executives and scholars at home and abroad; Here, everyone gathered to discuss topics, analyze trends, to cover every niche of the whole industry chain. Both can learn each other, and can talk about business, friends, is fully staffed. The fourth China power energy storage battery technology and material year-end event sincerely welcome you to join, surprise and harvest is looking forward to your arrival! If you are interested in above power energy storage battery or have any questions, please contact our online customer service, click or call:, lithium battery provides efficient green power for the world!
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