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Chemical composition of lead acid lithium battery lead powder

by:Vglory      2020-08-26
Chemical composition of lead oxide is lead and lead all kinds of metal oxide mixture of ball grinding production lead powder, 60% can be obtained 70% of lead oxide, and barton lead oxide can be as much as 80% of lead oxide. ( 3) True density, apparent density and the density of compacted density lead powder in some sense is related to the particle size, in fact the fine particles of lead oxide containing lead oxide, coarse particles lead oxide lead more. Lead oxide containing metallic lead real density is high, so the density and size of the particles. The real density can be according to the analysis of data which is lead oxide and metal lead calculated on the basis of their relative density. (2) the apparent density of apparent density ( Perfusion density) Is an important process parameters. So to lead 'powder regularly measure the apparent density, stable lead powder can ensure production characteristics. For measurement of apparent density standard test methods and equipment. A so-called 'Scott (international scott) Container 'apparent density measuring instrument, called Scott densitometer. Scott will lead powder free fall into container, weighing can be calculated. Scott a container is a rectangular cylinder box, installed on the base, the box was filled by free fall of lead powder injection and leveling. According to the total mass flea ( W。 ) Minus the heavy container (Scott WI) 。 Container lead powder containing W W. W, again and again, and the ratio of the total volume ( Container volume container volume that Scott) D one W/V, W as lead powder net weight; V is for Scott container volume; D for the apparent density ( Units in cm3) 。 The approach to measure the relationship between the data does not mean particle size. Scott, depending on the density of lead powder density in 1. 4 - 1. Between 8 g/cm3. (3) compacted density of compacted density can also be used as a standard method for determining. Determination will lead powder filled one container after tamping, To strength) , or dao ( Tamping, dao) The parameters are similar to those of apparent density. Lithium battery factories around the world have their own standards or recognition method to determine the density of compacted. The key is lead powder quality ( Strength and the degree of the compacted) Varies, but the density of compacted for production of tubular cells and dry charged battery is more practical significance.
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