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Causes of the corrosion cell

by:Vglory      2020-08-29
Can prevent the start-up the resistance corrosion cell terminal. White powder, sometimes found in the battery terminals are usually lead sulfate gas inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. Corrosion is not completely sealed plastic battery boxes, and make the lithium battery lead sulfate reaction of lead lithium battery. Charging also accelerated the corrosion process. Corrosion will be caused by factors such as salt water, dirt, heat, humidity, cracks in the battery shell or loose battery terminals. Inspection, cleaning and protection of optical coating medium the measures to prevent corrosion of the grease the battery terminals. Sulfide happens when not fully charged batteries. The longer the time, it is still in the discharge, it is difficult to overcome the sulfuric acid salinization. This may be overcome slow, low current ( A trickle charge) 。 Sulfate is a large, conductive lead sulfate crystal plate; Formation of lead sulfate is every cycle, but the crystals grow at discharge conditions, stop by the current through the electrolyte. Main wear mechanisms are falling out of the active material of panels, which accumulate in the bottom of the cells, it may eventually short circuit board.
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