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Careless scientists stumbled several times to raise its battery life

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Battery life and charging has been lingering in our minds. We are always looking for place to recharge, lest your smartphone is power off, and battery performance also has been we buy a new cell phone consider important factors. Companies are looking for ways to improve the battery performance, a few days ago, the team from China and the United States won a breakthrough discovery, it will bring people in the future using time is longer, the better performance of the battery. Under the new technology of the battery of the sustainable use of time for the battery in the market now 4 times. But this is not said the battery charging time will extend to the battery charging time 4 times now. It is understood that the new battery chemicals within their consumption slower in the existing battery. It is understood that tsinghua university Dr Wang ( Wang Changan) Dr Li ju, and the Massachusetts institute of technology ( Li Ju) In the study how to from the process of aluminum nanoparticles to remove oxide coating with this found by accident. Dr Wang and lee was a materials scientist, they have been working on aluminum micro particles for a long time. Though this metal has good electrical conductivity, but when it is exposed to the air the conductivity will decrease the formation of surface oxide. This layer of oxide irrelevant for large objects, but for tiny particles, which are important, so the two researchers decided to find out to remove the nanoparticle surface oxide layer. Two researchers choose to a particle immersed in the mixture of sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid oxygen titanium. It is on the surface of the alumina into titanium oxide - - The latter is the electrical conductivity of the stronger. And in this process, a group of forgotten in acid mixture of aluminum nanoparticles 'survival time' unexpectedly long hours than they had expected. Through this experiment, the researchers were thought to have titanium oxide layer of the aluminum can replace graphite anode. In conventional lithium-ion batteries, graphite anode will occur in the process of lithium ion movement expansion and contraction, but it also comes with a battery of slow attenuation. Slowly, lithium ion will be formed on the electrode at the top of the compound, so the battery start to lose charge ability. Of the problems of the battery used by the market, is to change the shape of the anode, and then it will get rid of the lithium compounds formed in the top layer, thus causing more damage to lithium ion. But if she has a titanium oxide aluminum nanoparticles, this problem can be solved. It is unclear when the battery can lead to.
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