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Car lithium-ion battery self-discharge how to solve?

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
As a driver, the vehicle can't be with every moment, the city of depressive, now many people pursue green travel, so put in the garage on the motor vehicle of lithium battery self-discharge of how to deal with her? Lithium battery for a long time need not, it will slowly discharge by oneself, to scrap. At regular intervals, therefore, should start a car, to lithium battery. Another way is to the two electrodes on the lithium battery pulled down and unplug from the electrode column that should pay attention to both positive and negative electrode thread, to remove the negative line first, or remove negative and chassis connections. And then pull with the positive logo ( +) The other end of the lithium battery service life to a certain extent, to a certain period has to be replaced. When replacement should follow the same order, but in the up electrode wire, order, by contrast, take the positive first, and then connect the cathode. At present domestic car lithium-ion battery technology is mature, internal resistance is lower, such as: 12 v60ah camel lithium battery model, small to 2 milliohm resistance, such as travel for a long time, we suggest the battery cathode, some cars can't without electricity, this is not considered.
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