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Car can't start the car emergency start the power to save you

by:Vglory      2020-08-16
Motorists should you met a car won't start, likely because of low temperature exhaust pipe frozen; Or ignition system working condition is bad. Or battery to various reasons such as loss of electricity. When the car won't start don't try so hard, the car emergency start the power to save you. The author for the majority of motorists are here to provide emergency boot method, four kinds of users and owners can choose according to the specific circumstances to determine the appropriate way, if can't solve on their own, please move the car to the side of the road, or to do a good job of warning. Carts start carts start is the most familiar and most efficient method of emergency starting, the cart before the start of the first to observe road conditions are suitable for vehicle parking position cart starter, can use path to improve the speed of the car. But it is a means of have no, can't use it frequently, because to do so on engine and clutch has certain damage, automatic-shift cars especially starting to avoid using this method. Lap start if there are any situations and colleague's car, the car with jumper cables, can also adopt the method of battery lap launch vehicles. In close enough to make sure the two cars, and have enough carrying capacity with insulating sheath cable, connect two pieces of battery is negative. Pay attention to the battery positive negative must not make a mistake, but also to ensure the reliable connection of the cable. Decorate good cable, closed the car all the accessory power equipment, start with power battery in the vehicle, make the engine run for a few minutes in order to guarantee adequate electricity, prevent the cable with the tape when starting or fan. Start the traction method and the principle of starting with the cart starting the same, different is car traction is often far more energy save trouble. Specific implementation to use when the length of the appropriate drawing rope, and tied two head strong. In front of the tractor, car drivers should make sure the good before and after contact signals, such as start and stop waving horns or motions, so that the coordination. To slow start, vehicle drivers, besides should pay attention to the car movement should also pay attention to the condition of road traffic at any time. After the car driver in the vehicle should be timely after starting signal limber, two cars should slow parking near the side of the road. Emergency start power starting car emergency start power for driving car people and business people have developed a portable mobile power supply. Its feature is used in car losing electricity or other reasons to start the car can't start the car. Car emergency start power design concept is easy to operate, convenient to carry, use PVC material, polymer batteries. Color LED battery status display, can display charging level. Car emergency power supply can by the charger from the 220 v power supply, built-in charging control circuit with automatic closing paragraph function, can prevent the battery overcharge, play an important protective effect to the power circuit. State of emergency light from white switch control, voltage controlled by master switch, when press the switch, can display the internal battery state, hold down the HOME button, the stillness can appear detonation or flash SOS remote LED rescue signals. More cars emergency start power supply products: products/car - 紧急, 权力
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