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Car battery open circuit voltage

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
When car off of the main road, the charging voltage, discharge voltage JiDi, such as battery wear broken wall welding place, the C / 5 charging current, the voltage could reach more than 20 V, I usually use silicon rectifier charger for the suspect is a short circuit batteries: increase the charging current and open circuit could sharply smoking hot steaming ( Danger! If the cause of the unknown dangers do not imitate! ) Still have a kind of circuit, bus and an ear virtual welding or ear off. Common in inferior battery. The battery of this kind of circumstance, the symptoms of unexplained capacity declined. Inside the starter battery, may be starting today the car is very easy, but can't up to the next day. The battery without any exception, is can't afford a car. In fact, starting batteries inside, each grid is September 29 pieces of plate, one or two broken usually don't immediately affect the starting performance. But generally won't be in the virtual welding 9, ear off often is a problem of plate grid alloy, more is not 9. Actually these are the reasons. More electric vehicle battery news: / shownews. asp吗? id = 642 & 风格= 52
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