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Car battery maintenance strategy

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
In car maintenance, the maintenance of battery is also very important, if the use of bad habit, will shorten the service life of the battery or damage. The life of the battery for 2 to 3 years. If the user to add some electric equipment, which were not as subwoofer, etc. , can cause too much use of storage battery. Nowadays, more and more car electric equipment, so the owner in the use of these electric equipment, try not to let the battery overload. Power Windows and skylights, for example, the owner should be completed before the engine off its lifting and shut down, because if the engine off, will stop electricity, then lift the window again will increase the load on the battery, easy to cause damage to battery. Headlights, too, if you want to shut down, there is no special necessary, should first close the headlight, and then shut down, start the car at night time should also start again after open headlight, first try to reduce the damage to the battery. If the engine stops working conditions make battery, be sure to prevent battery lost electricity, because if the electricity is easy to cause the damage to the battery, if losing electricity, the battery will be scrapped in advance.
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