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Car battery main component parts

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Car battery everyone not unfamiliar, a lot of original supporting is sail battery, what are the main component of these batteries? Rely on what principle to drive to work? Simple said next time, some parts of the accumulator is sail string close modes: one, is with the battery plate of the active material on the electrochemical reaction; Two is a conductive role, when battery is used by the transfer of ions in the electrolyte, the conductive effect, allows chemical reactions to proceed smoothly. Second, the relief valve is one of the key components of battery, located at the top of the battery, it has four functions: ( 1) Safety function, that is, when the battery in the process of using the internal gas pressure relief valve pressure, open the valve to release pressure, prevent the deformation and fracture produce batteries. ( 2) Sealing function, when the battery down to the relief valve closing valve pressure relief valve closed, prevent leakage gas acid mist inside to outside, but also prevent the adverse impact on air into the battery. ( 3) Ensure proper internal pressure of batteries, battery in oxygen compound, reduce water loss. ( 4) Some relief valve is equipped with explosion-proof, acid proof, riot. Sail car storage battery as a domestic battery industry leading enterprises, its technical formula, in the automotive after-sales section share is higher.
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