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Car battery charging method

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Before starting to check the appearance of the car battery. Battery should be in good condition, no crack, no obvious traces of battery acid leakage. Plus or minus the extreme of the battery. Is extreme markup to a plus sign ( +) , while negative extreme marked as a minus sign ( - ) 。 Contact the car battery before to wear goggles and rubber gloves. Goggles and gloves will protect your eyes and hands, to prevent the battery spill in strong acid erosion. Ensure that the connection to the car's jumper cable is safe and anticorrosion. If the battery cable corrosion, please use hard brush to clean up as much as possible. Will power enough car park in the need to recharge, but make sure that the two cars didn't contact. Ideally two car park next to synthetic, or car is, the two cars will be relative to the park. Connect the two ends of the positive cross line cable respectively in two car battery is extreme. If there is no special marked, the positive cross line cable is usually red. The positive across lines to one end of the cable connected to the battery without electricity, while the other end in the fully charged battery. Will be negative cross line at the end of the cable connected to a fully charged battery. The vast majority of cases, negative cross line cable is black. Will be negative cross line at the other end of the cable in the grounded (earthed) metal parts of the car. So then you can make the battery car starting. You can the grounding cable received frame, chassis, or other clean enough and no paint on the parts of oxide. Normal vehicle engine starting batteries. At the same time of starting the engine, the vehicle's charging system will begin to pass across the line cable to the battery without electricity. Charge at least 5 minutes after starting the engine. It makes no battery start to recharge my batteries, although it will take longer to fill the battery. Try starting battery car engine. If the cross line cable and is charging the battery has enough power, the car engine can easily start. If failed to start, please recharge the battery for 5 minutes. Press and connect the opposite order, remove the jumper cable, lest produce sparks or explosion. If you first is to put the negative cross line cable and no battery negative extreme connection, so, please in the final to dismantle it. Battery car starting at least 5 minutes, so that the generator to the battery charging. Car driving or idle for at least 20 minutes after starting. Sometimes, the battery can be recharged in this period of time; And if the battery power is not enough to drive cars, may need to replace a new battery. If the cross line cable or contact, may melt cable, damage to the battery, even cause fire. Rechargeable battery may result in the process of explosive gas, such as hydrogen.
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