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Car battery brand disputes

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
News from shenzhen electric vehicle battery: / shownews. asp吗? id = 652 & Style = 52 car battery can be found everywhere in our life, passed in 2015, the war of no gunpowder smoke, the struggle between the factory and in battery factory, resource contention between distributors and dealers, lead to market chaos, appear weak phenomenon, in the domestic automobile storage battery market, foreign brand has to dominate the high-end market. Chinese market liberalization is extremely high, derived methods are also quite a lot, if we can consolidate, is infinite, half country side must be able to regain the high-end market. No powerful opponent is invincible, it is important to your capability and faith is strong, and know where the opponent's weaknesses. Competition in the market, even if you can't KO, can also with points to win, it is important to your strategy thoughts and methods using the best match. To profit for the purpose of the taxi driver has four characteristics: one is the battery replacement cycle is relatively short ( Private cars 2 years commonly, taxi 1 year) ; Second, their cognition of battery relative professional; 3 it is they're more likely to accept the new brand; Fourth, they had a great influence on surrounding motorists. So lock the taxi crowd promotion, can have local drive the overall effect. Vehicles often frequent use of air conditioning and electronic equipment in the summer, and the quality is not high in the summer of the battery is also easy to self-discharge and results in the decrease of reservoir performance, form the peak battery replacement to buy. So in the summer, joint influential terminal ( The garage wholesale or retail store) Strong promotions, according to a taxi driver. Such as screening to determine terminal 'alliance', and in the terminal 'alliance' posters and banners, etc. , in a taxi centrally distributing publicity page and gifts, let the driver in the designated purchase battery terminal 'alliance', but by publicity page to receive the prize.
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