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August 2009 26 ~ 27, I participated in the United

by:Vglory      2020-06-12
In June 2009, IBM announced the battery area as an important theme for future research and development policy to actively promote. Why should we set foot in the field of IBM battery? Unlock the key to this mystery lies in the United States national conditions. The United States currently have great expectations for battery. Obama said the U.S. president, as 'the U.S. recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA: American Recovery And Reinvestment Act)' a part of Toshiba pa3285u-1bas battery energy-related policies will be allocated a large budget. In which the amount of tremendous concern because of the budget, and the electrification of the automobile and electric power network upgrade plan. Electric-oriented, in order to promote the ways you can travel a certain distance from the electrical plug-in hybrid and electric cars popularity, the U.S. government will produce electric vehicles, car manufacturers, battery manufacturers and materials manufacturers to provide 2.4 billion U.S. dollars and other funding. On the other hand, the power network will be upgraded to provide 11 billion U.S. dollars funded, but it is estimated that for the absorption of renewable energy for the movement of the battery set up funding. At present, the United States has embarked on the establishment of electric vehicles using lithium-ion rechargeable battery production base. General Motors (GM) announced plans to set up Toshiba pa3206 battery battery factory (battery cell supplied by LG Chem), Nissan Motor announced that it will set up electric car battery manufacturing base, and so on. In the future, for more high-performance power-storage devices, demand will increasingly be no doubt, it is focused on the situation, with many enterprises, represented by IBM was an active part in higher performance than the existing 'post-lithium ion battery 'in development. 'Nikkei Electronics' will be October 5, 2009 issue of the Review article, ' 'target after the lithium-ion era', American companies have engaged in the battery industry' so as to IBM's Almaden Institute 2009 workshop organized by the center, introduced the United States business trends. Please read.
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