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At the beginning of the lithium battery charging and the influence of the equalizing charge

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Forklift lithium battery for the first time we should generally implement three, three discharge, initial charging it could make a lithium battery monomer reaction equilibrium, charge for the first time is called the initial charge, the charging of lithium battery life and charge at the beginning of the capacity has a great influence. If charging is not enough, the lithium battery charge capacity is not high, service life is short; If charging too much, the lithium battery electric performance although good, but also can shorten the service life of it, so the new lithium battery carefully for the first charge. For ordinary lithium battery before use must according to the charging standard for initial charge. Lead to dry charged lithium-ion batteries, according to the instruction for use, although in the specified storage period of two years if you want to use, as long as join density of electrolyte on 15 min, don't need to charge can be put into use. However, if the shelf life for more than two years, due to the plate on the partial oxidation, in order to improve its storage capacity, should be done before using supplementary charge, charge 5 h - Reoccupy after 8 h. Late for lithium battery charging should be balanced 2 times a month, small current, charging slowly, is a role for lithium battery activation.
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