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Are you thinking about some ideas about solar

by:Vglory      2020-06-15
The first solar product that consumers are purchasing is called the Powermonkey Extreme. It is a light weight super powerful solar panel battery charger for mobile devices like iphones and touch screen tablets. It is more powerful than all their older units and this model was developed over a 5 year period of user feedback and testing. It comes with the adapters needed to for most mobile devices and has a 9,000 mAh battery capacity which is very powerful and will allow you to charge your mobile over 4 times with only 1 charge. Now that is true power and of course it can be powered by the sun which rocks for campers and hikers. I could just rave how great this unit is simply because I have seen them and the other previous models. Plus it comes in different colors and there is no other solar kit that is portable that offers that at all. Let me stop myself though. The next solar power products that RV consumers are purchasing are Rv Solar Panel Kits. They purchase anywhere from the 110 watt panels to the 180 watt solar panel for the RV. This really makes their adventures much more enjoyable as they are able to live off the grid whether at the RV Park or out in the wilderness. And with all the panels and mounting systems that are available, customers are able to set it up themselves within hours depending on how many panels they purchase. Another excellent solar power kit that customers love is the Scout 150 Explorer Kit or Adventure Kit. This solar product is perfect for those who need power for their laptops. The reviews on the Scout 150 Adventure & Explorer kits are truly excellent and minding blowing because customers realize they can also power other devices as well. You can charge laptops to cameras to toasters and coffee machines while out in the wilderness. And they never need an outlet which makes this item very appealing to all consumers. A quick note to remember when choosing your next solar power kit is to be sure that you know what you want to power that way you purchase one with enough power. One point that customers like knowing is that they can use the solar kit for several things instead of just one way. The Ranger 350 Expedition Kit is a super powerful modular solar power kit. With over 600 watts and the ability to add more solar panels and battery packs, this unit has been and is currently making its way as a contender for portable solar power. You get 2 30 watt solar panels, 1 350 watt and a lantern, this makes for an excellent backup emergency solar power supply as well as a camper's best power source. You never know when something bad might happen and when you are prepared it truly makes you relax knowing you have power. As you probably already know, solar power is a growing niche and lots of people are going towards using it for recreation and survival. With all the calamity of disasters and end of the world kind of talk, having one of these kinds of units is a smart idea.
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