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Application analysis of 48V lithium battery in communication base station industry

by:Vglory      2021-04-19
Application analysis of 48V lithium battery in communication base station industry. Application analysis of 48V lithium battery in communication base station. With the advent of the information age, communication base stations are particularly important to people, and 48V lithium batteries as a backup power source for communication base stations are a reliable guarantee for energy storage power. At present, most of the lithium batteries used in the field of communication backup power are lithium iron phosphate batteries, and a few are ternary lithium batteries. Lithium battery cycle life, high temperature characteristics, charge and discharge rate function and energy density are all very good. Many companies use the initial 48v lithium iron phosphate battery for communication base station operation. This article haobo battery xiaobian and we discuss the use of lithium battery. Communication base station: that is, the sharing of mobile communication base stations is a way of radio stations, which refers to the transceiver station that carries information between the mobile communication switching center and the mobile phone terminal in a limited radio shelter area. The processing of mobile communication base stations has become an indispensable part of my country's communication industry. Application of 48V lithium battery in communication base station: Qiantangjiang Tourism Company outdoor base station, using a 150Ah integrated lithium iron phosphate battery to replace the original 200Ah lead-acid battery as a pilot. After two years of testing, the function of the lithium iron battery is still outstanding. . According to the calculation of the provincial collective purchase price this year, the price of 150Ah iron-lithium battery is 11,400 yuan, and the original brand of 200Ah lead-acid battery is 5,040 yuan/group. However, the iron-lithium battery has a warranty period of 6 years, and the calculated cost of replacing 3 sets of lead-acid batteries within 6 years is 15,120 yuan, during which replacement and logistics costs are not considered. The stolen rate of lead-acid batteries in other outdoor stations is very high, because the identification rate of iron-lithium batteries is very low outside of new products, and there is no way to sell stolen goods for the time being, and the stolen rate is very low. In the medium and long term, the application of lithium iron phosphate integrated batteries in outdoor communication base stations can reduce costs and improve efficiency. After exchanges, similar situations also exist in other regions of the province. It can be seen that the demand for replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate batteries in outdoor stations is particularly strong. The applications of lithium iron phosphate batteries in communication services are as follows: (a) outdoor base stations; (b) base stations without air conditioning, such as village traffic; (c) indoor macro radio stations with serious space; (d) indoor covered/distributed DC power stations; (e) Solar photovoltaic power generation base stations in areas where there is no city power or three or four types of city power; (f) WLAN locations that supply DC power supply plans, etc. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete.
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