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Analyze the injection method of polymer lithium battery

by:Vglory      2021-04-11
After the polymer lithium battery injection method is dried, the lithium polymer battery, additives and auxiliary equipment can be incorporated into the casing: the transition must be injected into the pump 3 times (<-0.08mpa or close to its tolerance limit, the gas should be filled with gas in the glove box, but It is not directly the same as the expansion pressure of the cylinder gas (glove box) before entering the box; for appliances and items that cannot be dried, such as dew point meters, etc., remove the cover box: pump the conversion box 3-5 times before putting it into the box; electrolysis Liquid mixing: According to the relevant regulations of electrolyte additives, such as 302VB+5%, 204+4%E stipulate the distribution ratio of each group, indicating that the weight percentage is stipulated in the ratio of 91g:5g:4g. Add the required electrolyte to the electrolyte mixing container, add additives, then use a powerful stirrer to stir the electrolyte at medium speed, add the remaining solid electrolyte for 5 minutes, and mix the electrolyte at medium speed for 5 minutes (electrolyte exposure is controlled at 10+1 minutes ), and then use a part of the electrolyte in a sealed bottle through a 120 mesh filter; the electrolyte is used at the bottom of the barrel. Due to the increase in nitrogen pressure, the dissolved gas in the electrolyte is added, which can be degassed by vacuuming the real empty box in the glove box. Specific operation: Put the divided electrolyte bottle (open the cap) into the real empty box, close the door, slowly vacuum to -0.05mpa, hold for 20 seconds (pay attention to the extraction speed to avoid electrolyte splashing), and then Slowly deflate to normal pressure, remove and seal; the electrolyte barrel outside the glove box should have a clear and uniform color identification: such as lb-3165a, lb-302vb; the additive barrel outside the glove box should be marked with a different color from the electrolyte , And clearly mark: such as 204; the processing department sets up special personnel to configure the electrolyte; other people are not allowed to configure the electrolyte at will. Additives are in the glove box, put into the bottles in the glove box, and all bottles containing additives must be marked with a color, indicating: Additives. Before configuring and using electrolyte, PQC should confirm on site. After the electrolyte is prepared, the adjustment personnel of the processing department and the monitoring personnel of PQC fill in the 'Electrolyte Mixing Record Form' and confirm that it is correct before processing. Injection volume: The injection volume specified by the battery model. Use 3.5ml, 12ml, and 20ml altitude fluid to pump out the fluid within the allowable error range. When there is less electrolyte in the liquid bottle, you can use a rubber-tip dropper to inject the liquid manually. After injecting the electrolyte into the battery, put it in the glove box for 10 minutes (according to the battery in the last injection), and then vacuum treatment. After liquid injection, vacuum slowly 2 times to -0.06mpa (the first stage is vacuumed for 20±2 seconds to -0.02mpa, maintained for 4±1 seconds). Then, the air is released in 13-15 seconds. It takes 40±2 seconds to pump -0.06mpa in the second stage, maintain for 4±1 seconds, and then deflate for 33~35 seconds. The sealing parameters are set as follows: see liquid injection and heat sealing parameters. Note: The actual setting parameters need to be confirmed by the quality department, processing technology department, processing department test and tension test. Remove the battery and other items: After the battery is potted, clean the glove box. Take out the equipment to be cleaned from the conversion box together with the battery. Follow-up work: clean the glove box, clean the pipes and appliances in the box; clean the used electrical appliances, and transfer the battery to the next step. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous article: Why does the battery need to be used frequently to achieve the highest efficiency?
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