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Analyze the causes of 18650 lithium battery charging explosion

by:Vglory      2021-03-03
Analysis of the causes of explosion of 18650 lithium battery as a high energy density chemical energy product, 18650 lithium battery is prone to explosion during use or charging, and there are many reasons for the explosion. The importance of line and surface comes from improper use. Analysis of the reasons for the explosion of 18650 lithium batteries 1.18650 The quality of the battery itself is slightly lower (1) Due to the electrolyte, the extremely unevenly coated anode plate is slightly lighter locally, slightly overweight or negative for life at the end of the cell cycle, accepting all anodes is not enough The positive charge of lithium ions, lithium dendrites and excessive accumulation on the surface of the lithium cathode are gradually formed. Lithium dendrites pierce the diaphragm and form short-circuit channels. A large amount of heat appears. The electrolyte thermally decomposes and a large amount of gas appears. , The explosion-proof valve block opens too fast or reacts too slowly, causing an explosion, which is the reason. (2) The explosion-proof valve or CID (current cut-off device) of the bottle cap fails, and the internal short-circuit air pressure of the battery is too high to open and release the pressure. (3) Lithium dendrites from overcharge are less likely to break down the diaphragm and cause an explosion. (4) The micro-burr short circuit of the pole piece dust is unlikely to develop into a serious short circuit and cause an explosion. (5) The possibility of an explosion caused by an external short circuit during charging is very small. 2. Charger matching problem (1) The charger is not suitable, that is, the 18650 lithium battery cannot be charged; (2) The charging current is too large or too strong, which causes the battery to overheat, the active energy exceeds the safe limit, and an explosion occurs; (3) Charging If the environment is too humid, short-circuit explosion is prone to occur; (4) The charging environment temperature is too high, the battery cannot dissipate heat, and overheating explosion occurs; to prevent 18650 lithium battery charging explosion: try to buy high-quality processing, that is, battery manufacturers with strong comprehensive strength; batteries are equipped with BMS The management system is to add a battery protection board; the operation should be carried out in accordance with the instructions. Illegal operation and use are strictly prohibited. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Instructions for the safe use of nickel-metal hydride batteries
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