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Analyze how to discharge lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2021-05-06
Lithium battery manufacturers analyze how lithium batteries are discharged. The operation process of lithium battery equipment and lithium batteries is the discharge process of lithium batteries. How to discharge the lithium battery? Is the operating mechanism of the lithium battery the same in all cases, that is, if there are important differences in the operating environment, how to charge the lithium battery under unconventional conditions? The following is an analysis of how the lithium battery discharges the lithium battery in operation The discharge process in the process is balanced. In theory, the discharge rate and depth of discharge of lithium batteries should be paid attention to. The depth of discharge is the ratio of the discharge capacity to the nominal capacity. The best reference indicator for usefulness is voltage. How can lithium batteries be discharged to make the depth of discharge more scientific? The common standard is: lithium battery discharge between 2.75V and 3V can be used To charge the battery, it may happen because the rechargeable battery of less than 2.75V is contraindicated, and from the internal structure, excessive electrolyte fluctuations will be formed.Second, the negative overreaction of the lithium battery will change the form of the dielectric film and reduce the deintercalation ability, resulting in permanent loss Ability. Another useful parameter is to clarify what kind of discharge rate the lithium battery discharges. The discharge rate can also be converted into a discharge current. For example, a 1800mAh battery has a discharge rate of 0.1°C and a discharge current of 180mAh. The discharge current is generally small a little. Therefore, when discharging lithium batteries, starting from the depth of discharge, we must pay attention to supplementing nutrients; from the perspective of discharge current, we must pay attention to continuous. Since the lithium battery does not have the recall effect of other secondary batteries, let alone how to discharge the lithium battery to activate the battery. When a lithium battery is idle, it actually has a discharge phenomenon, called self-discharge. Then, how does the lithium battery discharge during the self-discharge process? There are two ways to do this: the cathode drives the lithium ions back to the anode, and the dissolution of the electrode , The ions are recovered from the anode to lithium metal. The discharge process of these two methods is reversible, and most of the lithium battery capacity lost during the self-discharge process can be compensated by charging. From the point of view of the change of self-discharge value, how to discharge the lithium battery? This is related to the ambient temperature of the lithium battery. In general, the monthly self-discharge rate at high temperature (55°C) is 10%, and the monthly self-discharge loss at room temperature is only 2-3%. It can be seen that, theoretically, the key to the problem of how to discharge lithium batteries is to find out the factors that affect the discharge of lithium batteries, how to convert the discharge of lithium batteries into discharge time, discharge attention and other specific operations during use. Enhancing the understanding of the two aspects of how to discharge lithium batteries is conducive to the more durable use of batteries. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Analysis of the current situation and market demand of power lithium batteries
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