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Ambition to be a lithium battery in the field of 'apple'?

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
Apple's success story is known not only in domestic, but also were 1 iving in science and technology circles. Apple has many loyal apprentice at home, especially in the field of smart phones, apple has not a rare thing. Millet, meizu by studying domestic handset manufacturers such as apple's products and marketing has tasted the sweets. So, in the field of electric lithium battery, can replicate the success of apple? From product to marketing, and after-sale service, into apple's most devoted students, in fact, since this year, poly ward shenzhen municipal science and technology co. , LTD. , chairman of the board of directors in the face of the day with amd the price war at the same time, put forward marketing concept, adhere to the quality not to succumb to the low price, has caused a lot of debate in electric car industry. A lot of people doubted whether can sell before going out? So far, however, after two rounds of sales, sales did not decline phenomenon, and there are many customers willing to long-term cooperation with us. First from the product level, lithium battery into the path of the electric car market, did not use a lot of lithium battery companies before doing that a cell phone Internet thinking logic, such as through low price to grab the user move markets, but the start using their products made accurate positioning, don't compete on price, but the quality of the competing products. Such as the quality of power batteries to extend battery life, and in the design of special manufacture craft and so on. Which echoes the when apple launched the first generation of the iPhone, unique design and new IOS operating system, many cities and high consumption crowd fondle admiringly. In lithium battery products meticulously, making its products a launch can give a person the sense with shine at the moment, in order to gain a lot of consumer groups. Secondly, from the level of marketing, apple's biggest successes is gathered a group of loyal fans, also can call it fruit powder. Fruit are values are very high, once choose iPhone will not easily change the brand. As born in the domestic fan is the most developed economy, through weibo, community and other interactive also find belongs to own fans, and call it. The loyalty of these people are also very high, but also often organize a brush street, it won in the lithium battery user groups influence. Link below to see highlighted in after-sale service with apple's similarities. Apple now decoration at home have a lot of experience, for many consumers, apple experience shop is not only a consumer product, more is to feel the science and technology. At the same time, apple experience store offers all kinds of after-sales service. Lithium and lithium electricity brand experience, three years time, has many partners to provide 'one-to-one' stationary type service, and on this basis, have to buy the old users of lithium-ion batteries for free to enjoy a year of lithium battery maintenance and battery maintenance service twice, obviously the after-sales service is beyond buying lithium batteries had expected, and thus by improving its service standards, and raising the service level of the industry as a whole. It is with the apple alike, to give users exceeded expectations of products and services. Apple, the future of the business of imagination, on the other hand, we can see the mavs in such aspects as product, marketing and after-sales service in the whole range of apple's success study model, then the mavericks electric can be in the business model or ecological building same reference to apple's success? Very likely. First, ambition can do far more than just a electric lithium battery manufacturer, more will be aimed at the large market in the field of travel. And electric lithium battery may be just a pawn in the field of travel set, or an entrance, like apple had to listen to music for the iPod into the digital market strong demand. In fact, in the domestic travel market, based on the field of car travel has produced drops quickly such little giant, and the current domestic travel through electric user size for 200 million people, and, with the rapid development of domestic currently O2O life service, electric cars between cities has become the most economic and convenient logistics tools, this is a huge consumer market, so completely based on electric vehicle travel field is also likely to give birth to a $10 billion mass great company. Second, is likely to launch electric vehicles products. In fact, as the country to encourage and support for new energy vehicles, as well as the fuel car rolled around the token restrictions, the development of new energy vehicles in the country. The tesla into China, but also accelerate the development of electric vehicles in the domestic. Therefore, the electric car in the field of the domestic market will be the future travel a big birthday cake, and lithium battery will likely based on products in the field of electric bicycles, launched its electric cars. And after like apple iPhone, and releasing device, iMac etc, based on their own core technology, then in the industrial chain of horizontal extension, this is the most simple business logic.
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