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Amazon forced off the shelves all twisting, car, what happened?

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
On December 12, China time Saturday, amazon sellers in China, is a black Saturday. Because they all received bad news from the amazon, almost all the links on your selling twisting, car has been removed. And a lot of money with account have been frozen, this is almost a devastating blow for the seller, and part of the floating on the sea for Christmas sales, or already in overseas warehouse the goods, how to do? Amazon did the following things: 1. For all sales of twisting, car sellers items all forced off the shelves. 2. And forced to freeze accounts for up to 90 days, if there are disputes during the period, will force a refund. 3. Amazon twisting, send an email to all buyer car buyers, remind the buyer if can return for the sake of safety. ( Have many sellers on the same day will receive hundreds of amazon return request) What the reason is: the amazon one-size-fits-all measures estimate is for two reasons, first began the explosion in October to the recent series of fire explosion in the United States, are named in the amazon to buy bad products, for the pressure of public opinion, bitter has been sticking to make quality products the conscience of the seller. 2 it is amazon electricity as the biggest platform, patent holders rights means nature, from the perspective of the amazon first. Do not rule out the next other cross-border electric business platform will be established. What causes the circle out some reference data with consequences. 1. At present nearly 1 million inventory ( Including sea, air, overseas warehouse, customer returns, etc. ) Can't normal sales, worth $400 million. All accounts frozen funds for 3 months, frozen funds may exceed $200 million. Related to foreign trade companies will not be normal procurement, can't give employees salary, unable to payment to supplier. ( According to customs statistics, yantian customs export 40000 balanced car every day. ) 2. Amazon to write to each customer, said that the product has the risk, suggest a refund, may each account hasn't enough money in a refund, amazon means buckle will not be able to save money. 3. Manufacturers, raw material inventory loss of 500 million yuan; 4. From raw materials prepared parts, assembly plant and other will most of the unemployed, staff more than 100000 people are affected. The news, Monday, at least 600 shenzhen balanced car factory production immediately, staff need to severance. Each supplier hungry, to balance the car factory under siege, each other can't liquidation. 5. Practitioners of the cross-border electricity suppliers caused great panic. Thinking: 1. First of all, most of China's enterprise intellectual property of traditional thinking deeply, most of the factories like best is the foreign developed products directly to the stronghold, and then sell at a lower price, scoop out a transfer products immediately. Completely ignored the enterprise brand, ignore the intellectual property rights, ignoring the innovation. There are even some companies the same fake foreign companies developed and has been applied for a patent product, was proudly on 'exclusive research and development of the whole universe pioneering disruptive innovation, self-deceiving enterprise can walk how far? In the next five to ten years, will be China's traditional manufacturing high-speed transformation era, will be the intellectual property rights of the world. The wave of products of twisting, car bloody lesson is just a start, will push Chinese intellectual property to a new height. 2. Business logic foreigners to sell a product, membership dues to the best of mind to study how to sell it even higher price. While the domestic most people to consider how to sell more cheap! You sell 1000 yuan to earn 500, I sell 600! ! I also want to find a way to make 500! How to do it? The factory where! Manufacturers to ensure some profits, how to do? Product less 10 screws inside 5 batteries a motherboard can, anyway, can guarantee the seller in the payment when the product is normal. Even more bad seller, I will sell for 150! ! I will earn 20 is enough! A high-volume, low-margin business. Don't talk to me about after-sale! Sold again! 3. Follow the thought to see a product so fire, and low barriers to entry, then what are you waiting for? To roll up their sleeves and rush in first. Understanding of the product, the quality of the control itself only from their own half a bucket of water on the unscrupulous manufacturers brainwashed fool. As a product of the number of sellers you contact less than you back to the number of times a year, who do you hell hell? 4. Who is the winner of this battle, no matter who is winning and losing, the final profit is sales platform, amazon and ebay as the biggest cross-border electric business platform, platform single order deduct points as high as 15%, regardless of your product can have 15% of the profits, every transaction, and you received your money, the customer product received, glistening dollars into the pocket of platform, and any dispute because of the products and after-sale problems, ultimately borne by the seller directly, with platform don't have any hair relationship. Conclusion: now do enterprise, does not pay attention to product quality and product certification may suffer heavy losses, choose a solid technical strength, product quality excellent enterprise cooperation is a useful thing. 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