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Although electric cars made an unprecedented attention

by:Vglory      2020-06-08
To plug the merlin climbing based electric car, a Porsche launched in the autumn of 1900 the first prototype of the hybrid car, the name of it called Lohner-Porsche Semper Vivus. In the specific details, a porsche two sets of water will DeDion Bouton gasoline engine (3.5 each horsepower / 2.6 kw) into body middle, respectively for they drive two generator, constitute two sets of power units. Power 2.5 horsepower / 1.84 kw generator can be in 90 volts output voltage of the current 20 amperes, generator power output direct drive motor rotor hub outside, and the rest of the electrical energy flow into the battery is stored. And, in turn, can be used as the engine generator starter, kill two birds with one stone. Although, mount the engine-generator unit Semper Vivus use the battery packs of electric cars from the original 74 battery reduced to 44 piece, but because the engine and generator brought extra weight, make Semper Vivus weight still is the original electric version only 70 kg weight, but nearly 1.7 tons of weight for the pneumatic rubber tires at that time it is still a heavy burden-you can imagine carrying a bike with two sets a hippopotamus is what feeling... Anyway, Semper Vivus in the 1901 Paris auto show again let on 'los on-Porsche (Lohner-Porsche)' this name to people left deep impression, however, in the more than the fresh, the car didn't like the world expo last year on that one of the electric car as moving heart, no body chassis, bare engine, etc. Let the prototype car looks can't make people poured out of the idea of buying. And at this time, whether engine, or the battery and the development of the control system are also but is 'starving' phase, it should be said that the development of the technology is still far from surrounding couldn't keep up with the pace of innovation of porsche. The 'the world the first' hybrid cars and not leave too much information, but porsche museum is in after more than one hundred years according to the current and pictures of the original technical drawings after carved a Semper Vivus. This is a difficult project, from Porsche engineering (Porsche engineering) engineers and Karosseriebau Drescher (a German car company) experts since 2007 spent nearly three years to finish this one legend models rebirth. Engineer according to in those days the parameters and drawings made 100 years ago, the wheel motors, and body size and material also all follow the original, after carved Semper Vivus is not a scale model, but one can really driving up hybrids.
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