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Allocate the installation time forklift lithium-ion battery pack

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
Lithium battery forklift replacement installation time about 10 - For about 15 minutes, 5 minutes can be installed, in enterprise production efficiency, particularly when working overtime loading need spare lithium battery forklift trucks, 2 ~ 3 battery replacement, replacement takes time, if you are not familiar with, or unskilled operation, it is easy to cause accidents or reduce the speed, 'quick replacement battery' is to promote electric cars in electric mode and realization of new energy vehicles commercially important premise, only replace the battery is not higher than, or even lower than the speed of conventional cars come on time, to make private motorists to experience the convenience of new energy vehicles; We want to replace the concept of electric lithium battery replacement to the lithium battery forklift, such ability can provide convenient replacement enterprise work efficiency.
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