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All kinds of battery advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
1, lead-acid battery advantages: good reliability, raw materials, the price is cheap, Than the power ( 150~400w/kg) , basically can satisfy the requirement of the electric vehicle power performance. Faults; (low specific energy 35 ~ 45 wh /公斤) , quality and volume of the too big, and a charge mileage is shorter; Short service life, 300 ~ 400 times) 。 2, the valve control type lead acid storage battery: advantages: higher than energy and specific power, can free maintenance. Weakness: the battery itself heat dissipation is poor, the working temperature have certain requirements. 3, the winding type valve-controlled lead-acid battery: advantage: the discharge rate is higher, better high and low temperature performance, long service life. Disadvantages: complex structure technology, domestic product quality remains to be promoted. 4, nickel metal hydride batteries advantages: circulation service life is longer, > 600) (high specific energy, no memory effect, 65 wh /公斤) , higher than the power ( 800w/kg) 。 Weakness: the price is higher. 5, lithium ion batteries advantages: high voltage, high specific energy ( 155 wh /公斤) , higher than the power ( 315w/kg) , no pollution, no memory effect, long service life, 1000 times) 。 Disadvantages: high cost, must want to have special protection circuit. 6, nickel cadmium battery advantages: its specific energy ( 55 wh /公斤) And than power ( More than 190 w/kg) , can fast charge, circulation service life is longer, > 2000) 。 Weakness: the memory effect, easy to cause environmental pollution, price 4 to 5 times that of lead-acid batteries. 7, sodium sulfur batteries advantages: high specific energy ( > 100 wh /公斤) , but high discharge current, high power, low self-discharge rate. Weakness: the working temperature at 300 ~ 350 ℃, so need certain heat insulation. And because of high temperature corrosion is serious, short battery life ( Using vacuum insulation can reach 1200 times) 。 8, nickel zinc battery advantages: high specific energy ( 60 wh /公斤) , high power and large current discharge, low self-discharge volume, long service life ( > 500) 。 Weakness: the price is still a bit expensive. 9, zinc air battery advantages: high specific energy ( 230 wh /公斤) , small volume, ChouHuan zinc 'charge', speed, anode materials are cheap. Weakness: when discharge need oxygen in the air, unable to seal, structure problem difficult to solve. 10, the flywheel battery advantages: physical methods to achieve energy storage, high specific energy ( 150 wh /公斤) , higher than the power ( 5000~10000W/kg) , long service life. Disadvantages: making the flywheel of the carbon fiber material is also very expensive, the cost is higher. 11, super capacity battery advantages: small volume; Fast charging; Large current discharge; Super capacitor can be welded, so there is no such problems as unstable as battery contact; The service life is long; Disadvantages: low voltage; If use undeserved cause electrolyte leakage phenomenon; Cannot be used in ac circuits.
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