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After multiple miscarriages electric vehicle registration this back really?

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Shouted the electric vehicles' registration 'registration and management for many years, after the' abortion for many times, this time perhaps want to play hardball. Recently, the news from zhengzhou city government, according to the measures for the administration of zhengzhou electric bicycles, motorized wheelchairs for the disabled has zhengzhou's legislative affairs office audit, collected the suggestion to the city's work has ended, and have been included in the zhengzhou city National People's Congress legislation in 2016. And what this means is that electric bikes' registration 'registration and management of window or will open again. In many industry insiders point of view, it is because of lack of technical standards and laws and regulations related, the electric bicycle has been defines the identity of the fuzzy zone, if the 'registration' management can really implement, is from the side gave a clear legal status of electric bicycles, for the whole industry, is a great good. Due to the number of electric bicycles in the city is too big, Yuan Ziliang Suggestions on the concrete operation, can be set up by the traffic police, industry and commerce, and industry association of quality control of each unit or organization such as a joint working group, the production, circulation, sales of electric bicycles, management and so on each link carries on the effective regulation. At the same time, can be considered in department of linkage, on the basis of introducing relevant access mechanism, build system of 'blacklist', will be those who have not obtained the relevant production accreditation), sales of electric bicycle industry enterprises as' blacklist 'strict market access, from the source to reduce 3 without products, substandard products, paint products into the market circulation. And the crux of the problem, it is the traffic tools for the 'way' competition. Fortunately, more and more people to give electric bicycle travel more 'way' formed a consensus. The personage inside course of study thinks, to solve the problems existing in the electric bicycle, registration registration management and can only take temporary, cannot cure, give them more 'way' is the key to solve the problem. Government related aspects also said, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou road fix bicycle infrastructure, reform will combine to ensure continuity and the effective width, bike lanes for electric bicycles with perfect road traffic conditions and ensure its rational use. Lithium-ion batteries, electric lithium battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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