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After discharge, the influence on lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
Although lithium battery forklift is tubular plate assembly, but also belongs to the lead-acid battery, if any lead-acid batteries in the discharge process, more than the battery discharging termination voltage value, continue to discharge, he may be the cause of the battery internal pressure increases, positive and negative active material of reversible damage, reduce battery capacity of the. Lithium battery discharge after the termination voltage, continue to discharge ( Over discharge) Would result in grave damage to lithium batteries, this is because at this time are irreversible sulfate, so that the charging resilience, even beyond repair. So when the lithium battery should prevent discharge, under-voltage protection is effective measures. 'Under-voltage protection measures' is controlled by the forklift, we suggest that the forklift lithium battery discharge to 70% 80% capacity to supplement the juice immediately, otherwise, the very big influence to the lithium battery.
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