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According to Hong Kong's Capital Eurasia, Toyota

by:Vglory      2020-06-13
Toyota's Chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada suggested that the company's view is that substantial advances in battery technology needed to be made if electric cars are to represent a practicable alternative to cars powered by conventional internal combustion engines or hybrids utilizing batteries that can be charge while being used 'Toyota's chairman just doesn't see the company having an all-electric future. Unlike the likes of Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen and GM, Toyota has eschewed an all-electric car as it believes they are best left to specialist niche manufacturers,' said a Capital Eurasia auto sector analyst said. 'Clearly, Toyota must see some degree of potential in the all-electric market since they hold a 2.5% stake in Tesla Motors that doesn't mean they're going to field a contender,' he continued The Japanese automaker is shunning the all-electric market regardless of the fact that most major car-makers are planning to field at least one contender in a bid to establish a foothold in the market. 'Whichever way you look at it, Toyota is very well-placed to enter the market if advances in battery technology emerge given its invaluable experience with hybrid vehicles like the best-selling Prius model which continues to enjoy popularity all over the world,' concluded the Capital Eurasia analyst. In 1990 IT Index was nonexistent; come 2005 & IT Indices across world had 20-30% in market capitalization of equity markets. This is 2012 & by 2020 Internet, E-Commerce & Technology sectors will form 10-20% capitalization of equity markets across world is our belief. A core skill within Capital Eurasia VC practise is the ability to identify novel technologies & business that have the potential to generate high commercial returns at an early stage. Capital Eurasia VC Practise is built around knowledge sectors By definition, VCs also take a role in managing entrepreneurial companies at an early stage, thus adding skills as well as Brand capital, Human Capital & Equity Capital thereby differentiating VC from buy-out private equity, which typically invest in companies with proven revenue, and thereby potentially realizing much higher rates of returns.
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